The Beer Cases (A): A-B InBev Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Beer Cases present a means to research business evolution in a quickly globalizing business. In 2011, the beer industry had elements of sub- national, national and global competition. Giants, such as AB Inbev, along with national champions, like Tsingtao and Tiger Breweries, which were aspiring to become important regional and international players, populated the business. Additionally, industry players used alternative models (strategic approaches) to satisfy their objectives for national, regional and global growth. The format used for the cases involves in-class presentations of every case, alongside rigorous question from the teacher to not only learn more about the logic of the analysis and strategy proposed in the presentation for each firm, but to also nudge the course toward an understanding of the more important trends in the advancement of the beer business and key success factors for businesses that manage in the beer industry. The group could be pushed farther to connect the consequences of one's assumptions about what drives success in beer sales, alongside their comprehension of industry growth trends and drivers, to understand models of international competition in this industry, and forecast anticipated outcomes and strategies for the major beer companies considered in this set of presentations.

Further, lessons may also be drawn about business pressures influence the four crucial components of an international expansion strategy: product choice for growth, market choice for geographic expansion, timing of entry and mode of entry.

The Beer Cases (A) A-B InBev case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: January 23, 2012 PRODUCT #: W11613-HCB-ENG

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The Beer Cases (A): A-B InBev

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