Sony Music (India) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"This case study exemplifies the principles of disruptive innovation in the context of the music industry in India. Prevalent technological changes, for example, spread of cellular penetration and the World Wide Web, started to redefine the industry with regard to the way music was created, obtained and consumed. The expense of consumption and music creation dropped quickly with these technological changes sweeping the business in a comparatively short time period and incumbents began to find it tough to sustain operations at present profit margins. The Indian music business was the archetype of a business disrupted by technological powers. In such a scenario, the case highlights the dilemma of Sony Music India, a sizeable music recording business, which had been running in the Indian music industry since 1998 and was exploring the possible alternatives available for growth and profitability in the digital music space that is evolving. The Indian subsidiary company benefits from learning from its parent but operates under a different business model. What were the impacts that are tumultuous? Should the response of the business mirror its parent corporation? Should the firm sell only via its own location? Or whether the organization must launch an identical organization to manage its digital organization?”

Sony Music (India) case solution


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Sony Music (India)

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