Telescope: Squaring Purpose With Reality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

An extremely popular online search engine, the management of Telescope, must deal with an imminent crisis: a security infraction in which advice from thousands of users has been compromised. But Telescope prides itself on its devotion to acting reliably.

Its slogan is "We Do Only Good," and furthermore the company has published a group of doctrines, including "Focus on the client and harmony follows" and "Make money, not mischief." Telescope is well-respected in the Internet world for its non-corporate look and non-selfish approach. Its IPO, nearly ten years ago, had been met with enthusiasm and the company had sales that were stellar. He must accommodate what the company stands for and his organization can square its sense of beliefs and purpose with the actions that may be necessary to keep Telescope a blooming business.

Telescope Squaring Purpose With Reality case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about COMMUNICATION

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