Energy Gel: A New Product Introduction Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The reason for being at the top are its energy foods which are less costly, have better taste and are highly nutrient which the athletes prefer to buy. Looking at the current scenario of the market leaders, the High-Performance Corporation would face less competition in the market as there are few companies which are engaged in developing of Energy Gels. For HPC to be successful and able to enter the Energy Gel market is essential that it works on:

  • Advertising
  • Using its Brand Image to capture the Market
  • Offering complimentary products along with the Energy Gel such as the company’s other energy products.
  • Increasing the distribution network by targeting more areas in the U.S and other countries such as Australia and Norway.
  • Selling the bars through the means of Gym trainers by offering them commissions.

For HPC to compete in the market, it needs to improve its distribution channel by targeting all the regions in the United States. The HPC should first introduce its products in gyms, training facilities and other places where athletes go for exercising. It can also use gym trainers to promote their product by giving them some sort of commission for selling and recommending to the trainee and athletes. This would improve the overall sales and also help in the promotion of the product. The other places where the company can focus on its distribution is by providing the Energy Gel on its current retail shops. It can also offer limited time discounts on the retail shops for selling the energy gel by gaining customers who are price conscious on buying energy gels.

Energy Gel A New Product Introduction Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The reason that the Energy Gel market shows high opportunity is due to the fact that there are few number of competitors in the energy gel market on which the HPC can use the opportunity and enter the market. There are among few heavy well-known energy productioncompaniesinvolved in the making of the energy gel such as Clif, Powerbar, GU, Kitsuneand others. The Energy Gel is a new energy based product which most of the people are preferring to buy the energy gel instead of energy bars and drinks. The other benefits which the energy gel provides are that it’s easy to digest and it also provides high energy which most of the athletes and bodybuilders desire. The demand for the energy gel is significantly increasing in the market especially in the gym and people who are engaged in sports and fitness activities. The product also contains no fat and no protein.

HPC would be able to gain anadvantage in the market by offering energy bars throughan effective distribution channel and by introducing the product complementary to bars such as other energy drinks or energy bars to gain more customers during its introductory phase.

HPC’s competency, capacity & Alignment for Gels

The High-Performance Corporation is a largeU.S Company which deals in the three division of products which are food, drinks and international operation. Its annual sales areapproximately $1.9 billion per year............

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