DARTs Suburban Service Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the spring of 2000, planning for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), a regional public transit authority at the place of Metropolitan Dallas, had to decide whether to cancel or change the bus route is inefficient suburban cities Garland and Rowlett. The route was typical of many that DART work in the suburbs, so the decision to raise basic questions about the strategy of DART as a governmental body, and in particular whether it can develop a commuter, which were useful and cost-effective enough to maintain the political and financial support it has received from the suburbs of Dallas. The fact that the route does so poorly with a loss of $ 27 per passenger, for example, encourages students to think about the more radical life and political strategy of the agency. HKS Case Number 1696.0 "Hide
by Laura Rogers Trubey, Jose Gomez-Ibanez 22 pages. Publication Date: March 1, 2003. Prod. #: HKS400-PDF-ENG

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DARTs Suburban Service

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