Sustainability at Millipore Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sustainability at Millipore Case Solution


This case sheds light on Millipore Corporation’s approach to become an environmentally sustainable company in the market. For this, David Newman conducted quarterly meetings with the CEO of the company in order to share his ideas for improving the position of the company.

 Millipore Corporation is one of the leading multinational firms and Martin Madaus is the newly appointed CEO of the company. In 2005, when Madaus was appointed as a CEO, at that time the company had made several acquisitions, which led to the company’s growth. Millipore operates in 47 countries globally with the workforce of more than 6,000 employees. The company provides technologies, tools and services of bio technology and pharmaceutical manufacturers for customers’ facilitation. The main business of this firm is to provide filtration products, which are used by its customers to filter molecules, viruses, etc.

Problem Statement

The issue here is if David Newman would be able to achieve the company’s objective of maintaining sustainable environment for the welfare of society and to make its products more environmental friendly.

Situation Analysis

Situation analysis refers to the collection of methods, which are being used to analyze the internal and external environment of the organization. Moreover, it covers 5Cs model.

5 C’s

  • COMPANY: The main objective of Millipore is to be environmentally sustainable in the world. This company is well-known for its filtration products, which are used for filtering molecules, Viruses, etc.
  • COMPETITORS: The main competitors of Millipore Corporation are Medtronic In corporations, Stryker Corporation, Pall Corporation, etc.
  • CUSTOMERS: Customers are the ones who want a commodity, and they want the maximum output with minimum input. The company attracts general public by providing filtration products.
  • CLIMATE: Climate is the biggest issue for Millipore. If global warming or climate change take place, thenit would make it difficult for the company to operate smoothly. Other environmental problems are such as; threat to earth’s ozone layer and desertification of agricultural land which could also affect humanity negatively.
  • COLLABORATORS: When the CEO was appointed at that time, the company did several acquisitions which helped the company in expanding and this also led the company to generate more revenue.

Prioritization of projects for Sustainability Initiative

Millipore should prioritize sustainability in different ways. The CEO of the company is concerned about the new project regarding sustainability environment. For that purpose, he has conducted several meetings with his management and employees, and the biggest problem which occurred at that time was of global warming.

            For this project, the CEO would have to appoint David Newman whose primary objective is sustainability initiative, and he is currently working on the environmental sustainability project. The CEO and Newman would have to make a small new team and provide them with a strategic direction and guidance regarding sustainability initiative from top to bottom level. In order to do so, they should set some levels, and their subordinates would have to report at every level. Therefore, this will help them to get a proper feedback about working environment.

For this project David Newman and CEO should have to make decisions on three bases:.....................

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