Business Communication Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Communication Case Study Solution

To: Sunil

Subject: Project Team Leader


Hi Sunil,

Hope you are doing fine and shining. Thank you for offering me therelief from theworkload, which has given me a breath of comfortand time to recollect myselfwhile it has also helped me ponder over the few mistakes I have made while bearingpressure. I want to thank you for understanding the pressure and helping me regain my efficiency to handle the workload again.

Since I'm feeling well enough with the total control over my nerves, I feel the responsibility to apologize you and the team for shouting and other misbehaviors I have done under pressure. For me the project is everything, my all enthusiasm and energy has been served and consumed in the project, just to make itsuccessful. I along my team has worked tirelessly to make the project work and succeed, and we share a common bond and Team synergy for the project, which would be bygone if any other person takes the lead,as it would require additional time to develop that kind of bond.

Also, the deadline for theproject is two weeks later, implanting anotherteamlead would put the energy time and motivation to the team in vain and also wouldaffect the performance and productivity of the project and will suppress me and mydream project.

Therefore, I request you to kindly accept my apology and reinstate me at the last position, so to assure you thecompetition of the project with the rightvisionand standard alongto prove that your decision to give me a chance was not wrong. Help meprove myself as a leader.

Yours Sincerely,


12-47: Message Strategies: Marketing& Sales Messages

Subject line:        Kentucky- The new Era of expansion and business Growth


Thank you for taking an interest in Kentucky fordeveloping or relocating your business. Your choice and the time taken to decide for Kentucky as the preferred location will not go in vain as the city offers multiple services and opportunitiesfor the business to grow in the city.

Over the period, the business climate of the city is emerging by inculcatingthe modern technologies andbusiness dynamics into the economic development of the city. Kentucky offers greatlow-cost business locations, along withqualified and skilled labor with low operatingcost. Also, the weather of Kentucky is not severe which allows the businesses to operate smoothly in the city. In addition to the following, the rules and regulations are very firm for businesses survival,Kentuckyis taking seriousmeasures to minimize the effect of Rd tape and Grey marketing, so to safeguard the value propositionof the businesses. Lastly, Kentucky encourages the business to expand or relocate to the city by offering low barriers to entry, which reduces the taxes, tariffs and other bureaucratic issues in making thetrade.

Sincecost and security to the intellectualproperty are the main agendas of the businesses, Kentucky offers the costcontrolled production facilities with low government interventions.It will allow your business to expand limitlessly into the city without any interference from thegovernment that might hinder the operations, while it is also eminent that the cost of operations in the next coming years will reduce more, which will allow yourbusinesses to gather more profitability and increase in the sales.Lastly, the national income of city is on the verge of increase which will offer ahigh amount of disposable income to be spent in the market.

Also, in the next five years, Kentucky is planning to lower the government barriers to enter the market for external world, which will attract more businesses into the city, saturating the market in the long run by developing the blue-ocean strategy. But the preference will be offered to the locals so to strengthen the local businesses in Kentucky.

Therefore, you all are welcome to join us in the mission and expand or relocate your businesses in the city. We are just a call away. However, you can alsoreach us through email or social media profiles.

Below are the addresses mentioned?

Call: 888-11-555


LinkedIn: Kentucky business supporter

12-48: Message Strategies: Marketing and Sales Messages

Subject line: Water-polo beneficial for the Kid

Hello Parents,

Hope you are risingand shining with you children along with the secured health of your family. We know you care for you kids and aims to provide best of everythingto your children, whichcould make him/her compatible, competitive,strong,healthy human in the society.So to help you with it, we are here to offer you the best deal that will be fun, entertaining yet will build your children healthand stamina, habits and much more. Yes, you are right, the deal is Water Polo.

Water polo is the combination of Soccer and Basket Ball but in a pool. The game enables the children to develop high stamina, physicalactiveness, burn calories and much more. It does not only do this, but it teaches your children the strategy in building art, teamwork, channeling power and buildingrelationship which are very crucial to learn tosurvive in the external world as a goof human being.

Since the lifestyle of our children is more towards playing video games and eating junk, the water polo offers acomplete set of physical exercise that burns the fat and fight with obesity.Since 50% of the children are suffering from obesityandweakheart muscles, and diabetes, the sports train the body in a way that it never builds such diseases in the body, it also improves the immune system and strength of the body.Also, the game is fun, since it is inaugurated in summer, the pool keeps the energy of the children maintained as compared to others that areplayed in open grounds.

Not only this, since the sports will be joined by the locals of the areas, it will allow your children to develop friendship and teamwork skills with the other children as well, allowing him./her to learn healthyhabits, behaviorand sharing practices.Therefore, step forward for the betterment of your children, the water polo clubs are located near in your community and guess what, it has other indoor sports as well, which your children can join as an alternative.

Looking forward toseeing you with your Children at the nearest Club

Yours sincerely,

Water polo club

12-51: Message Strategies: Marketing and Sales Messages

School2bix is offering the services to train the candidates while preparingfor an interview.The training will incorporate the specific teachings candidate must know for applying for particularposition. Forexample, if you are applying for the digital media executive, you will get the three days training on aspects of digital media along withthe exposure to demo interviews, conductedby thedigitalenthusiast.All you have todo is to subscribe the podcast channel and rest is our Job!

12-18: unsolicited message to department manager

Hi (XYZ)

I'mSusan, hope you can recall mewith myname. I have been the part of thisorganizationfor 12 months and have worked underdifferent department and with thevariousteam. When I joined the organization, I felt overwhelmed by the organizational culture of the company that empowers andencourages the employees toself-managetheirwork. In fact, I myself have practiced andalways urged to be a part of such organization that treats their employees as family and enhances their motivationlevel through the empowerments.

However, for the last seven months, I have been noticingcertain loopholes in theproposed strategy ofmanaging the team.The most eminent of these issues is that the teamis developing grudges and resentmentsagainst each other and trying to super succeed andbelittleeach other but not to achieve the target.It has decreased the motivationlevel in teamswhich have weaklinks and have also createdahigh turnover ratio. Also I noticed, that due to self-managed teams, the goals are not met on time, in fact since the work is in waterfall position. The delaycaused by one team in completing the objectivepressurizesthe other next team to complete the project, hence creatingdelaysand inabilities to cater thecustomers on time.

All these incidents are affecting the overallprofitability of thecompany, you  can see in the internaldatabasethe decrease in profits and also the deficit in reserves which is incurred due to inability and scarcity of rollingcash. Asa responsible employee of this organization I felt to share the observation with you, so to save the organization from asignificantloss in future. Ibelieve there is room for certain amendments, monitoring and controllingtechniquesto manage the internal issues so to sustain thesales in the market.

12-20: Message to the long time industrial customer

Hi John Cruz,

Hope you are doing just fine and pursuing your daily activity with the best of health and fitness. I want to extend my gratitude for maintaining such a long-termrelationship with our company, trustingthebusinessproductsandspreading word of mouth.Thisjourney with you has been beautiful, and we value the efforts and your support for ourbusiness.

However, in the last few months, the relationship has been disturbed due to theincorrect billing of past fiveorders, and for that, wefirmly apologize,it took us timetoidentify the glitch in our accounting software, the billing was pursued wrongly thus causing you to over-pay the bills.

Therefore in order to rectify our mistake, we offer you the solution, which is you can buy anything in the next 30 days from our website at 50% discount along with the refund of the overpaid amount within next sevendays. Kindly accept our gesture of making it up to you.

Thank You

12-30: Meal a la Car

Hey Residents,

Meal a la Car is the new service in town, offering you the food from best restaurants in town within amatter of minutes. The company only charges you enough to meet the break-even cost. Also, the food you order will be served hot and fresh and if it fails to do so, the companywill be baring your bill amount and will also offer additional points to avail in the next order.

All you have to do is download the application from Play Store, and you are all set togo. Theservice is 24/7 available, and almost all types of food is served from Buffalowings to nachos or pizza.In order to make it easier foryou, we can accept mate card, PayPal or even our loyalty card for the payment.

Hopeto serve you soon! Happy Dining

Business Communication Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


11-32: Communication Ethics

Well, the message contains the facts and figures about the effect of charity being madeto the physically challengedchildren.It describes their testimonials and the use of thattestimonial is not unethical since its outlines the act of happiness that has been given to these childrenthroughcharity.Many times, people are unaware of the causes and social issues running in the society or have a veryshallow knowledge of the facts and challenges these children face, the detailed description of such eventsandtestimonials allows the reader/people to develop anin-depth insight into the socialcause.

Also, the message is not manipulative also, because it just outlines and sharesthe facts of the camp and the results in the previous years, whichallows the people to understand and trust the charity campaign, also the facts are based on real scenariosand anactual testimonial from physically challenged children.

12-34: the sentence describes the features of the product

Rewrite: The Familytalkplan, which we have recently taken offers non-stop calls to anyone and anytime on weekends, so now, you can talk as much as you want.

12-36: SEO

The company chosen is

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