Strategic Performance of Operating Rooms with Best Practices and Transformational Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic Performance of Operating Rooms with Best Practices and Transformational Leadership Case Solution 

Aims and Objectives

The aimof this research is to find the gapin the literature and identify the links between operating rooms strategic performance and transformation leadership.


The research on Transformational Leadership has taken a lot of considerations as the leaders play a great low in influencing their followers. In health care institutions,the link of leadership is shown with many individuals and organizational outcomes; for example in transformational leadership with participative environment there are some other links found such as transformation leadership with employee retention. Researchers have found that transformational leaders have the ability to retain employees, increase organizational commitment, and increase job satisfaction. Nonetheless,there is very little or research that establishes the relation of transformational leader with overall operating room performance. This case intends to identify this gap and identify some links between the variable of interest.

  Literature Review

Strategic Performance

Strategic performance isthe business function, which engages the stakeholders (employees, managers, owners) to get the efficient and effective performance.On the other hand,strategic performance management is the process in which the managers and owners take a comprehensive look over functions and their company’s goals and objectives and specify what exactly the managers and employees will perform as well as what are the rules and regulations for departments, strategic business units, divisions, and the entire hierarchy.

 Apart from that,a wide range of performance administration devices exist in the business environment, proprietors therefore, the management might choose to add to their own measuring process. Proprietors and directors commonly depend on their own instruction, experience, and learning of business capacity and errands. Strategic performance administration makes use of both quantitative and subjective measuring apparatuses. Quantitative devices incorporate the utilization of scientific or measurable equations to decide how well the organization accomplishes its objectives. Subjective investigation depends more on the individual judgment or deduction of data from the experience of proprietors and supervisors.

 Strategic performance administration incorporates a few unique approaches, which are Six Sigma, adjusted scorecard, action based costing, and aggregate quality administration as well as there are other which are the performance administration techniques. Six Sigma is a prestigious administration procedure where the organizations endeavour to enhance their performance by decreasing the quantity of blunders in individual business forms.

 The parity scorecard is a strategic performance administration framework where proprietors and chiefs plot their money, business procedure, client, and learning or development viewpoints. This includes a more subjective procedure where proprietors and supervisors evaluate the data so as to create methodologies to enhance yield and performance. The adjusted scorecard additionally plots goals, targets, and activities and organization ought to accomplish for business operations.

Research has shown the link of operationrooms with performance factors.An example of this;patients warming heat performance (Belani, Kumar G., et al 2013) but the managerial factors such asstrategic performance haverevived very little attention in this case.On the other hand,transformational leaders can predict a good strategic performance of operating rooms.

Furthermore, it could be said that there is positive relation between the performance of operating rooms and transformational leaders.

 Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms or surgery rooms are sometimes called OR and centre for surgery.This is a complex environment where everyone has to give their best as there are lives on stake. This is why the management needs to be serious in operating room as well as they need to have a great leader to ensure strategic performance. A number of literatures are found in the link between performance and operating rooms; for instance Demeulemeester et al (2013) found that the operating rooms have proper plans and the ways to schedule these plans provide significant results. With a number of literature reviews, he also found new directions for research, which were required; for instance “proper planning and scheduling”........................

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