CLEVELAND CLINIC: GROWTH STRATEGY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


1           The identification of the feasible growth options for the management of the company will require an in-depth study of the political, economic, social and technological environment of the regions where the organization operates.The performance measurement and the strategy analysis of the business are also critical for a comprehensive analysis of the organization that covers all the dynamics.

The company is one of the leading and most well reputed organizations in the U.S. healthcare and medical industry. The organization was established in the early 1920 s by four well reputed physicians and the primary strategy of the management of the company has always been in valuing the customers and patients of the company.

 The basic pillars and guidelines to the management of the company for the strategy of the business has always been co-operation, compassion and innovation. Although the company has historically been a stable organization however, it has seen a fair share of ups and downs during its operations in the region and this has contributed for the maturing of the company in the market as well as its reputation among the local population and patients of the company.

2           Executive summary:

The organization is a multiple specialty and academic medical institution that has been operating in the Ohio state of the country locally as well as overseas in the Canada and the UAE. The organization was co-founded by four physicians in the early 1920s and since then it has been serving the local community of its county as well as the other regions of the state where it operates.

The company is one of the top healthcare services providers in the country and it is due to the traditional policy of the management of the company to value the patients and customers of the hospital. This value strategy of the management of the company has always facilitated the business to provide the best treatment possible to the patients at all the service centers of the organization including the in-patient and out-patient department of the main campus of the clinic.

The new CEO of the Cleveland Clinic,Dr. Cosgrove, has also maintained the traditional strategy of the organization by laying immense focus on the efficiency and effectiveness in the services that are provided at the facilities to the patients of the organization.

 The new CEO restructured the organization to further improve the standards as well as transparency in the measurement of the performances of each unit and this was achieved by segregating the services of the organization on the basis of diseases and deficiencies. These functions of the organization were assisted by the physicians and a team of various assisting professionals were termed as the institutions of the organization.

Cleveland Clinic Case Solution

This new structure of the business has assisted in a greater clarity for the customers and the patients while also promoted the accountability process of the organization in terms of performance measurement of the company. The management of the company are considering for the expansion in the operations of the organization and are on the lookout for the most feasible options in terms of the interests of the organization.

 The business has the options to expand in to the overseas attractive markets or in the regions of the home country of the organization and it is for the management to decide for which option they should pursue based upon the interests of the company and the benefits of each of these options for the business....................

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