STEELWEDGE CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



This report analyzes the capabilities of the SteelWedge Co which is providing demand forecasting software. This report also covers competitor analysis and comparison between companies which are providing forecasting software's.


The SteelWedge Co is providing demand forecasting software, founded in 2000. Clients use its software to assess market demand, forecast sales, analyze business metrics, monitor inventory levels and supply chains.

Capabilities Of  SteelWedge

 SteelWedge has developed solutions in order to help organization to achieve their business objectives, whether is to achieve sales target through meet demand of the customers or make an effective management of supply chain. It is believed that resources, distinctive competencies and capabilities shape effective strategies. these strategies help in achieving competitive advantage which results in superior profitability. Steelwedge Ranked as 200th Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's 2014 Technology Fast 500™ (bossers). Along with that Steelwedge is a leader in cloud-based sales and operation planning solutions; it leads the market as well as delivers a common planning platform for decision makers.

 Any company can reach high level of completive advantage through its strategic capabilities which may be in terms of resources, competencies physical, financial or human  resource. Steelwedge deals in different products starting from integrated  business planning and executive s & op, now its starting next generation S & OP technology platform. there is huge demand for such platform because world business leaders are continuously recognizing the demand for this platform. Steelwedge deals in products whose demand is evident from the Nissan Europe deal with Steelwedge to buy and use Steelwedge Software solution for operations planning. Steelwedge have products, patents with Fortune 500 companies, data bases computer system which is its resources, and they are effectively doing the proper utilization of such  resources. which is also evident from the fact that  they are leading the cloud-based S & OP  market. Steelwedge has customers and trusted partners which are themselves very well renowned in their respective fields and customers. they all are qualified people in their management. now the question is that whether they are using their skills and materializing such customer base into revenue one thing is pretty evident from the fact that they are innovating. big companies are recognizing their products appreciating their work which is definitely the reason behind their current competitive edge in the market. some of the largest manufacturing companies including HP,Land rover,Jaguar trust SteelWedge to help to mitigate risk which is their competency and not threshold but unique or core competency which does provide competitive edge to many companies. SteelWedge has the required capability to lead their other product markets by using their rich resources  intelligently and smartly.

Competitor Analysis

Steelwedge is currently has three main competitors which are Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation and SAP. The brief analysis of competitors is as follow concerning charts.

As we can clearly see that microsoft revenue is almost 49 % more than the SteelWedge revenue but this is a total revenue of Microsoft and SteelWedge. AsMicrosoft is a big giant corporation is not only cloud-based sales and operation panning software but it is also providing profit. SteelWedge making lots of money if we look at segmental reporting things are quite different as mentioned above through pie chart.

 Currently, if we look at this total revenue figures, Steelwedge has 28% market share but if we look through segmental reporting of these competitors, SteelWedge has more occupied market than this 28 % figure........................

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