Stat Work (Part A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Stat Work (Part A)

To: Corporate Analysis Team

Cc: Executive Team

From: The Office of the CEO

Date: 5/28/2015

Subject: Analysis of Employee Data Base

            This analysis is aimed to perform a detailed evaluation of the salary metrics and the employee performance metrics in the workplace, and what is the business case and the ethical issues involved in the salaries, metrics, qualifications and experience of the males and the females in the workplace.


            The new executive team is interested to know about the issues related to the demographics and the processes related to the employees in their company such as the critical issues related to the job grades, compensation, experience, job categories, sex and race and minority classifications of the employees.

Business Case and Ethical Issues

            The discrimination based on the basis of the gender exists in the workplaces despite serious efforts made by the law. There are many individuals in today’s workplace who face by huge obstacles which bring difficulties in their career growths (AAUW, 2014). The inequalities based on the basis of the gender would still continue to remain in the workplace in all the future years to come even in all the major countries of the world such as the United States.

            Women on average earn about 77% of the total salaries paid to the males which clearly mean that women are paid less today (IWPR, 2000). Nonetheless, today’s females have moved into each and every field they are being ethically broken in the workplaces. Furthermore, when the women are paid less then they have less income to consume for their families and less savings after the retirement.

            This gender pay gap should be a concern for the businesses today because then it means that we do not have a gender-equal society (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). This is because it is not basically concerned with the women, but also with their children as most families rely on the income of their women. There are many reasons for this gender pay gap, which is a significant business issue and an ethical issue also for the companies today. The most significant reasons are:

  • Most of the women are more likely to work as part time rather than fulltime.
  • According to one of the study employers assume that the sincerity of man with their jobs is more than the sincerity of the females.
  • Jobs that are typically performed by women are paid less such as catering and cleaning jobs.
  • The gender wage gap is wider for the older women as they less qualification compared to the men of the same age.
  • Lastly, less skill, knowledge and experience is the contributing factor.

Statistical Test Analysis

            The Independent Sample T-Test has been performed on the salary data file. The grouping variable chosen here is males and females were 0 refers to males and 1 refers to females. If we analyze the descriptive statistics data then it could be clearly seen that the mean beginning salary of males is much higher than females despite the fact that there is not much difference in the seniority level. Furthermore, the age of the females at this level is much higher but their current salary is also lower.

            The work experience and the education level are lower for the females and the race classification includes only the white males and females. Furthermore, if we look at the results of the independent sample t-test, then it could be seen that there is a significant difference between the beginning salary and current salary of the males and the females despite the fact that there is not a significant difference between the job seniority, age and the minority classification of the males and the females. Therefore, this is illegal, unfair and unethical.Stat Work (Part A) Case Solution


            This gender age gap would continue to remain in the work places around the world and it is going to haunt all the future generations. Some of the recommendations for the executive team of the company to overcome this are:

  • The governments should take actions to strengthen and enforce the current legislations in place such as the Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • The availability of affordable and high quality child care services should be increases in societies.
  • The executive team is recommended to conduct quarterly salary audits and it is their responsibility to make sure that the women are not paid less.
  • The gender occupational segregation should be reduced in the workplace.

Women should seek union jobs and before applying for any job they should do research so that they can negotiate over the salaries..............................

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