Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this interview along with CogNexus Institute founder Jeff Conklin, he explains how our education and experience have prepared us to see and solve 'tame' problems, and why as an effect, 'severe problems' sneak up on us and create chaos. Conklin describes how organizations must adopt the fact that there are two distinct facets of tactical projects - difficulty comprehension and solution formulation. In each period, different types of conversations must be woven together from beginning to finish.

He explains the concept of 'shared understanding' and it is so critical to solving complex issues. At the core of this new understanding of organizational life is the acknowledgement that communication among stakeholders must be managed, and that project work is basically social and looked after in order for a social network to combine into a working entity.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems

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