Deutsche Bank Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Bank Overview

Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 in Berlin as a specialized bank for the purpose of foreign trade, it has engaged in providing investment and corporate banking services.The bank has been operating through various segments such as private and commercial bank, corporate and investment bank, and deutsche asset management.Additionally, the bankhas offered exceptional services related to the investment management as well. Thebank is headquartered in Germany with 100,000 employees working in over 7 countries due to which, the bank has a large and notable presence in the markets of America, Europe, Asia pacific and other emergent markets.The bank has managed more than 24 million dollars in institutional accounts and mutual funds.The bank has been dealing over a number of portfolio management clients. In the earlier period of time, the bank has contemplated to solidify its leadership and governance of the asset management market, the bank has envisioned to improve the technology through centralization of the services that might aid in dealing with the increased processing volume while improving the services provided to the customers(Deutsche_Bank, 2017).

Overview Of Deutsche Bank’s Current Portfolio

The bank has been dealing with a variety of products for different nature clients.

  • Trading equity & trading debt.
  • Global transaction banking.
  • Corporate finance.
  • Cash management and trade finance.
  • DB franchise finance.
  • Structured investments and,
  • Private wealth management.

Deutsche Bank Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The bank has proposed to serve its customers through selling a structured product which hasbeen sold to a number of clients without being aware of the underlying risks attached with the structured products.The bank has been providing structured products to its customers as well as portfolio management services through a third party provider, such as financial institutions and fund houses. The wealth management of the Deutsche bank falls under the umbrella of the wealth and asset management division, which has provided services to the high net worth families and individuals as well. Fully and complete integrated services related to wealth managementare being deployedsuch as planning of inheritance and philanthropic or charitable advisory service.

The portfolio management services have been offered,which are supposed to be an investment portfolio in fixed income, cash, stock, structured products, stocks and other individual securities which have been managed by the professional manager which mighttailor it potentially in order to meet the specific objectives of the investment.

Having a clear picture of the structure retail products offered by the bank, there is a need to take a closer look over the selling pattern of the structure products. With every structured product the bank has made access to the retail branches and the wealth management in order to pursue the marketing process of the SRP’s. Thebank has pondered to add the new auto callable note in the list of the retail structured products which can be called anytime by the bank at the predetermined price. Since the bank has been gathering a 10% market share from the selling of the SRP’s, the head of the sales, Flade has intended to add the auto callable note on which,5% would be earned by the investor................

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