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Summary of the Scenario

The company that has been discussed in the paper is the largest kosher slaughterhouse Agri processor in the country United States. The company has now decided to sell of its meat packing plant. The reason for selling off its plant is because the company has filed a case for bankruptcy. Moreover, another major issue, which has been faced by the company, is the fact that it has hired quite a few illegal immigrants to work for the company.

In 2005 and 2006, the company sent 12 letters from the social security numbers where the company was unable to provide the workers information to the federal agency. The 3000 discrepancies indicated that the agency found out that more than 78% of the plant workers were illegal. Nevertheless, none of the letters were responded by the management of the firm.

However, since the bankruptcy has been filed, Agri profit has decided to evaluate the situation and buy the company. Moreover, as the company has been facing legal issues where it has been making illegal and underage employees work for the company, therefore, the decision to acquire the company is a tricky one.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that Agri profit has no intention to let the minors and illegal workers continue working at the company. The management is keen to work with legal and authentic human resources where it requires following the rules and regulations set by the government.


To: Agriprofit

From: XYZ (Consultancy)

Subject: To acquire Agriprocessor or not

Date: 04-08-15

Respected Sir,

The major issue that I have analyzed while studying the situation of the company, which your company is looking to acquire, I believe the management of Agriporcessor has not run the business in the right manner. The company has faced quite a few issues regarding the issues, which include the involvement of illegal immigrants working at the company. Moreover, minors were also involved in the firm, which again was a breach of rules and regulations set by the government.

As per the analysis conducted by my team, we have observed that quite a few stakeholders have been affected by the breach of legal contract, which has to be followed by all the companies operating in Arizona. Therefore, a complete analysis has been provided regarding each stakeholder involved with the company.

Employees (legal and illegal)

The major issue or the stakeholders are the employees working at the company. Since the management has been involving illegal immigrants to work with the company, the Arizona law authorities have raised concerns. In such a situation, the employees who have been working with all the legal documents are also taken under the scrutiny. I believe the mismanagement of the company has actually led to the concerns of the employees who have been legal. Along with this, those employees who have been illegal do not want to be deported therefore; they are also in a situation where they need money to find a living. I believe employees who are working with all the legal documents should be provided with the job security.


Government has to be the major stakeholder in the current situation of Agriprocessor. My team has evaluated the situation of Arizona government, which has been one of the major stakeholders in the whole situation. The government has been pressing its case and has been constantly sending discrepancies to the company, which has been ignored by the management. Along with this, since the induction of law 1070 the situation has been quite strict where the law has also been quite strict with the illegal immigrants in the country.

However, the law has been disregarded by many states including Los Angeles, Seattle and Columbus. Over here, the government has also been affected quite negatively, which has been rather unable to enforce the illegal immigrant rule of 1070 within the state.

Although the bill has been passed by the state itself, however, the issues of illegal immigrants working at companies have been observed. The issue is that the law has to be carried in all states, unless it reaps in results in favor of the government in Arizona, it would be difficult to implement it elsewhere.Read Jennings Case 6.16 Case Solution

Therefore, I can suggest based on the current situation that Arizona government is also facing severe issues with the concerns raised at Agriprocessor. The government has to, therefore, become more proactive and make decisions that are in favor of the state in the long run..................

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