Entrepreneurship in a Harsh Business Climate: Reform-Era Vietnam Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By the mid-1990s, several years in advance of market reforms in Vietnam, newborn private sector in Vietnam was a crucial moment. Government gradually loosened its communist-era bans on market activity, but left in place the majority of the old machines and the planned economy did little to build the institutions needed to support a market economy. Interestingly, the front of the obstacles, such as lack of commercial law and contracts, business flourished. The protagonists in the case, the owner-managers of three relatively young firms, to discuss their initial success in the immune settings. "Hide
by John McMillan, Christopher Woodruff, Erin Yurday Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 10 pages. Publication Date: March 28, 2003. Prod. #: IB45-PDF-ENG

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