Spir-it Inc. (B): Managing People Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When Jack Speer Šindler based-on, Inc in 1934, he was the only employee. By 1999, the firm Šindler more than survived its first 55 years. The work was almost 200, with facilities in the two states and work in three shifts. Production line - which has grown to 20,000 items organized in 800 different product families - supporting annual sales of $ 12.4 million. Richard Oedel, alcohol is the manager, and then to its owner in the 1980s and 1990s faced a number of challenges. These problems are beyond the control range, which is becoming more diverse customer base, which is becoming more diverse and dispersed, and technology base, which has grown to include more production processes. Speer is labor becoming more international. Most of the staff spoke English as a second language, so managers should be multilingual, to be successful. Orders between the two points, sometimes distorted, vacation policies were different, and health care and other defined benefit plans were subjected to three different state laws, as well as workers' compensation and other state specific programs. Oedel had to develop a human resources policy that effectively met the specific needs of their workforce, and effectively solve the peculiar situation that arose unexpectedly every day. "Hide
by Steven J. Spear Source: Harvard Business School 8 pages. Publication Date: June 12, 2001. Prod. # 601 091-PDF-ENG

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