Wolters Brewery (A): Negotiating Restructuring Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This sequence of two instances present in the (A) case the scenario of a transnational brewer, Inbev, having obtained several breweries in Germany, wishing to carry on with operational integration as well as the closing of smaller, less efficient plants. This move triggers resistance not only from the local workforce, but the local community. For Inbev, it is a case of corporate restructuring and strategy execution. Yet for a group of local entrepreneurs, this is a chance to plot a management buy-out (MBO) and to recreate a historic local brewery.

The case was made as a small business discussion setting bringing together the transnational, local entrepreneurs, the city council as well as a local bank; instructions for four teams involved in the dialogues are given in the teaching note. The case can be utilized as a conventional case on strategy or entrepreneurship implementation.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

Wolters Brewery A Negotiating Restructuring Case Solution

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Wolters Brewery (A): Negotiating Restructuring

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