South American Adventures Unlimited Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The paper attempts to describe the extent of the project management application related to the case of Adventures Unlimited and also discusses the attributes of the project environment comparing it with the Adventures Unlimited. The paper also evaluates customer’s suggestions of the company for future trips, whereas, the criteria for evaluating possible alternative trips are also explained. Furthermore, the paper discusses the appropriate organizational structure for the current situation in the company and describes its advantages and problems. Lastly, the paper provides a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network Diagram, and the major deliverables in the related activities.

Extent of Project Management Application

An approach of project management helps an organization to manage its risks and to avoid uncertainty through a certain extent with the application of its tools and techniques. A constructive project management allows companies to develop a set of activities and aligns it with the importance and in accordance with the urgency. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool of project management which breaks down the entire work in a set of tasks and sub-tasks to efficiently manage the project (Kloppenborg, 2011). It can also help in breaking down the activities in to smaller work units and tasks. This structure could be used in delegating tasks and responsibilities of employees. The WBS for Adventure Unlimited starts with identifying the target customer and ends up at preparing report after analyzing the results of the data.

The other attribute of the project management is Gantt chart which illustrates the project scheduling in the form of a graph. It allows the reader to understand the time of the activity taken by a single activity or the entire tasks involved in a project. It also helps in deciphering the dependent of a particular activity on other activities and helps in allocating resources to each activity (Meredith & Mantel, 2012). The Gantt chart for Adventure Unlimited will help explain the time required to conduct the market study and in understanding the precedent activities involves in the project. However, the Gantt chart is feasible for the simple projects that have less complex nature. Other methods are used when the projects are significantly bigger. However, the American Unlimited research for market study is comparatively smaller than other projects.

Critical path determines the amount of time which is needed for a project to complete. Ii is the longest sequence of activities which helps in breaking down the activities in a more appropriate manner. The major advantage for critical path is the identification of interrelation of different tasks. The critical path for Adventure Unlimited would allow the company in determining the tasks that are required to undertake a market study which would reveal ideas in order to gain the satisfaction of customers (Kloppenborg, 2011). The other attribute is referred to as Milestone which is the breaking up of a major goal in to interim goals for a project. This strategy makes it easier in implementation as the team can view their progress by referring it to the milestone. The scope for American Unlimited is to maintain high level of customer satisfaction while expanding the business in international markets. Therefore, by implementing these characteristics of the project management, the company would be able to achieve its goals.

Evaluation of Customers’ Suggestions

While considering the customers’ suggestions on the current trips, Adventure Unlimited can improve on its operations by focusing on training of its staff members, cost management, managing risks, communicating well within the organization and with the customers, and maintain total quality management. These elements could aim to achieve the desired goals of the company and to implement a change in the organization according to the suggestions of customers. Training of the staff members will allow to provide the service even better and will be trained in communicating with its customers. Training employees and staff members helps provide awareness about the importance of customers and managing problems in an international organization. Developing a broader mind of employee will eventually lead to a broader organization. As company is planning to expand its services across different countries, therefore training of employees and knowledge about the company is essential.

Managing the cost effectively through various cost management tools and to manage the risks of the project aims to achieve high expectations in terms of ratings and revenues. Mitigating the risks of a business allow less chances of a company getting bankrupted because an organization is well prepared about the future challenges and have strategies to prevent those risks.....................

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