Social Business Plan Summary “Feed Hunger” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Social Business Plan Summary “Feed Hunger” Case Study Analysis


The breakeven for our social business plan are calculate based on number of people to serve food. Breakeven calculate by dividing the total fixed cost by contribution margin(Angsoka, 2020). Contribution margin is calculate by subtracting the cost of per person food by total variable expense on per person. Breakeven of our project is (131, 254, 422number of people are required in each year 1, 2, 3 respectively). To cover the overall donations we required this number of peoples at least and increasing the number of peoples start creating the sustainability, which is already mention.

Financial Statements

The overall, financial statements consider an income statement, cash flow statements, balance sheet and breakeven analysis for Feed Hunger. After these projections of our project conclude that, this social change business consider an average and good stability in starting three-year period. Number of people serves increase every year according to the increasing percentage of our donations presents that the business plan having good potential in the market and it is creating a good wealth for our society and environment. Total assets for social change business plan consider our cash in hand, and crockery, these all shows a good ratio for the organization.

Social Impact Plan

Feed Hunger creates a high social impact towards the society and environment after its implementation running business procedure. This social change business plan not only provide food to un-wealthy peoples but also create positive impact in the society by spreading knowledge towards food and its importance.

Social and Environmental Impact Goals

Feed Hunger create a high impact towards society and environment. Firstly cover the economic factorof the society that accomplish by giving jobs to young generation to cook and serve food and this factor somehow cover the common wealth for them. It help the society towards unemployment rate and low economic wealth. The environmental practices are cover in the business procedure by creating food wastage seminars towards food importance and its values. These all are cover in different community parks and grounds to attract more people to understand the message and motive of this social change business plan.Feed Hunger, have social supply chain that connects us with hunger problems and then resolve them with our team and societydonations. Cooks, Volunteers and Donators are consider a direct impact towards this social change business; society and environment consider an indirect impact after business procedure implementation. The overall, systematic impact includes un-wealthy and poor people and jobless young skill people.

Performance Metrics

The performance analysis are consider based on (ROI, ROE and ROA); these returns are calculate to identify the business sustainability and stability for food serving. All the ratios and returns consider a positive impact over the performance of Feed Hunger. The performance of the business procedures and operations are generating positive ratio each year. Feed Hunger consider a triple bottom line business concept towards the people, profit and planet. First variable of people including hungry people firstly from remote and un-wealthy areas, young skill people for cooking and volunteering, society and community centers for funds and donations. Profit variable deals with the economic dealing inside the project and business, which starts from donations and funds, providing free food and then providing wages to employees that all cover the economic wealth of the society. Last variable place that includes the natural resources need for Feed Hunger first is land that includes small building on rent and other are community parks for food safety and importance activities. These parks activities include by considering a fresh air and better environment for everyone.

Scaling Social Impact

Feed Hunger business procedure consider a direct social impact towards the local areas of state and those areas having poverty rates and high unemployment rate. Expanding the business operation in three-year are considerably impact on the different regional areas of state. Scaling the social impact of overall business are focus on the calling deep that influence culture of the society and environment. Feed Hunger main motive is to provide free food to poor peoples and decrease the unemployment by hiring young skill people.

Sharing of Knowledge

Milestone Measurements

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