Publication House Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Initial Words:

The material of the report is concerns the analysis of the print media industry and the electronic media industry. This review deals with the convenience inusageof the press, the Print media and the electronic media and their effective influence in the market. Thematter mentioned below deals with the issue of selecting a media structure by finding out which is more profit generating medium in the current modern period and which shouldbe followed by the industry.

Summary of the Argument:

The overview of the whole argument, which is shownbelow, is that the publication house industry has to consider a channel to make it their vendor, who can sell their published books and products. Some major words are given below in the section of recommendation which publication industry should to take into their account.

The Problem:

In the current era where the world is influenced effectively with the usage of the technological application, the production of the print media badlysacrificed and fell avictim tothe Technological electronic media. The electronic media grabbed most of the market forpublishing books, magazines, news, advertisements, government notifications, etc. relevant traditional publications of the paper medium. All thesechanges declined the sales of newspapers, paper magazines, thepaper printed novels and stories, the paper promotions pamphlets and paper printed books.

In this case, the publication house must have to consider their riskpoints in a positive manner and take some major remedies to resolve the problem and search for other alternatives.

Publication House Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Analysis and Solutions:

In this way, the publication industry should consider the Porter Fiver forces of Model to resolve the matter.

The Porter'sfiveforces analysis is a structure that efforts to analyze the stages of the strugglesand competitions within an industry, business strategy and management's development. It makes the presentation of industrial organization (IO) economics to originatefiveforces that conveniently determine the competitive strength and therefore attractiveness of an Industry


The analysis deals with the first matter which is that the publication house cannot eliminate the modern medium of the technologies which wasdeployed in the vines of the world poorly. Now they have to go with the Electronic Media which is grabbing the market rapidly.The publication has the rights to make profits in a better way without toleration of all the printing matters. The electronic media conveniently saves time which is consumed in the printing process.

The power of Suppliers:

The porter Five-Force model’s first element isthe Supplier Power in the industry. In this manner, the industry has worldwide electronics shopping stores which provides books at a good price, which leads tocost cutting as compared to publication houses which have to pay printing cost, labor for the distribution. Additionally they have to bear significant depreciation of printing machines, large number of purchasing the cost of the assets, and hearing the local delivery boys, and other expenses. The USA’sTrade of Wholesale Electronic Book Revenue was around $90 million in the year of 2009, which has been growing rapidly since the idea generated.The websites names are as follows who is leading to make the sale of the Electronic Book;, iBook, BARNES & NOBLE, and BORDERS. The is generating a well capable income from the selling of Electronic Books.............................

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