The Bedo family Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Bedo family Case Study Study Solution 


The case describes the financial data of Bedo family, consisting of Tyler Bedo and his wife Mia along with their five year old child Becky. The Bedo family considered getting advice regarding their financial planning after Mia’s close friend Brenda un suspectedly died due to a heart attack. As she had no life insurance, she left her husband and three children’s in a lot of financial trouble. In like manner. Mia saw an advertisement from a big financial planning firm. Theses event compelled Tyler and Mia to consider their financial planning for their future. in addition to this, it can be determined that, both Tyler and Mia were current employed and generated annual salaries, where Tyler was highly regarded in his place or work and was given 50% of his salary, as a bonus semiannually.

Relationship Definition

After analyzing the Bedo family case and their current financials, it can be evaluated that, Bedo family looked for financial advice from expert financial planning for the achievement of two specific goals, which are illustrated below.

  1. The first objective for seeking financial planning council was that, they wanted to ensure that, they wanted to live a highly satisfied life financially and be self-sufficient in their retirement, as they planned to retire at 62 year of age.
  2. The second objective for seeking financial planning council was that, they needed to ensure that, they would be able to pay 100% cost of Becky’s college education.

Moreover, it was assessed that, Bedo family also seeking financial planning advice because Mia wanted to start a small business of selling art supplies, while maintaining their financial privacy. Additionally, they wanted to make certain that, Becky would have sufficient financial welfare, in the case of their deaths.

Goals & Objectives

It can be assessed form the case that, Both Mia and Tyler Bedo worked and had managed to secure job in the Springfield area close to their home. Although they both earned sufficient income to live their lives but it was assessed that, they didn’t seem to plan for their future and the future of their child, in the case if something happens to them or their employment status. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, if they lost their jobs or suddenly died then currently there is no enough saving in their bank accounts to provide sufficient welfare to their child Becky, as most of the payments are directly made from their salary leaving little or no money saved. Hence, it can be evaluated that, Mia and Tyler had identified this situation and were willing to address it by seeking the advice of financial planning consultants. In which, Bedo family had set two primary goal, which included to financial satisfaction in their lives, while ensuring they are self-sufficient in their retirement. Furthermore, they also wanted to ensure that, they would be able to pay 100% of the collage expenses of their child. Moreover, some other secondary objectives were set by them, which included Mia’s planned to start her own small business of selling art collection, which she had gathered over the years and they wanted to secure financial welfare for her child Becky, in case of their deaths.

The Bedo family Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



However, it can be evaluated that by seeking advice of experts regarding their future financial planning would enable them, to ensure the livelihood and happiness of their child, in case of any adverse financial situation or their deaths.On the other hand, it was evaluated that, Bedo family was faced with certain issues in the regards of Cash reserves, which didn’t no seem to have enough to support or provide sufficient financial welfare for the Bedo family in case of an emergency. In like manner, the believed that, they would continue to save the same amount of money as they were currently saving, in the event of a disability. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, it was the responsibility of the financial planning consultants to effectively advice the Bedo family towards the attainments of their goals, while effectively dealing with the vast amount of issues facing them............

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