Lassonde Industries versus Olivia’s Oasis Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

La Presse, a French language paper in Montreal and the greatest French language newspaper in North America, published an article summarizing the ruling of a trademark infringement case involving Lassonde Industries, a substantial Quebec conglomerate with sales of nearly Cdn$760 million, and Olivia's Oasis, a little Quebec maker of health and beauty products with revenues of Cdn$250,000.

Initially, Olivia's Oasis had successfully defended itself and the courts given it costs and damages. Until now, Lassonde appealed, which resulted in the Oasis in Olivia having to pay its own legal costs - a ruling that could bankrupt the small-scale business. By the end of the day, a huge number of readers and members of the people had responded via social media with such fervor that Lassonde felt commanded to pay Olivia's Oasis' costs.

The issues are associated with the managing of a Business 's reputation and also the possible impact of negative public reaction in the long run.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 06, 2013 PRODUCT #: W13472-HCB-ENG

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