Starbucks in Florida Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Starbuck in South Florida Marketing Mix


Starbucks Corporation has been one of the fastest growing coffee cafes in the world which is based in Washington, United States. Starbuck has been one of the best sellers of coffee made products where it sells and purchase premium quality roasted beans, which are fresh and rich brewed coffee items (Kerin, 2001). Along with this, Starbucks sells premium tea products throughout its different retail stores located worldwide. Starbucks has offered franchisesin various countries where it sells its trade mark to retail stores and offers them guidance and support in operating the branch. The mission of the corporation is "To inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time". Along with this the objective of Starbucks has been to develop and establish Starbucks as one of the most respected and renowned brand in the coffee industry globally. Starbucks has been operating in more than 40 countries worldwide with total number of outlets or stores being 17,000 cafes. Along with this, the total employees that are serving in different countries are almost 176,000 as per the data of 2010.

Only in United States the total number of Starbucks stores is around 11,068 to 6,764 operated by the company itself while the remaining being operated as franchises to different owners. Starbucks has been operating in three main segments where the total revenue from United States operations is almost 76% of the total revenue, 20% of the international operations and the remaining 4 per cent comes from the Global Consumer product. However, it is important to understand that Starbucks generates most of the revenue from the retail sector, which accounts for 84% of the overall revenue and 12 per cent of the franchise system and the remaining portion through the foods services Starbucks offers.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is basically a business tool which is used by the marketers to analyze the Four P’s of marketing which include the product, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix of Starbucks in South Florida in United States is as follows:


Product Range:

Starbucks has been one of the few coffee stores that have offered a wide range of products where every customer has got something for their interest. The product category which is offered at South Florida Starbucks includes all the different drinks, food and nutrition products. The drinks offered at Starbucks South Florida are the bottled drinks, freshly brewed coffee, Iced coffee, Evolution fresh, Espresso beverages, Chocolate beverages, Frappuccino, Smoothies, Soda, Beverages and Tea.

These are the various drinks offered at Starbucks in South Florida. The drink menu includes quite a good and long list of drinks, which makes Starbucks a complete store that can attract a wide range of customers. Along with the long list of drink menu, Starbucks offers a wide range of food items to under South Florida, which includes bakery items, Starbucks Petites, Bistro boxes, Sandwiches, Panini’s, Hot breakfast, Yogurt and fruits, La Boulange and the Evolution Harvest. All the above goods which include the food and drink items are served in Starbuck South Florida (Adcock, 2001).

Premium Quality:

The quality of all the products served at Starbucks is considered of finest quality. The coffee beans selected by the company are of the finest quality. It is because of its unique and high quality goods that Starbucks has not only gained a competitive edge in South Florida, but it has also evolved as a global brand in the international market. People generally looking to have snacks, breakfast does visit Starbucks on a regular basis. It is not only hygienic but the food and drinks offered are healthy (Adcock, 2001).


Starbucks at South Florida offers various flavors in its product range. This includes the different variety of flavors such fresh flavors and the seasonal and artificial flavors too. This accounts for the various different products that offer Starbucks.

Brand Name:

The name of Starbucks is widely seen as the number one coffee store globally, and nothing is different I south Florida, where the name of the corporation is seen as a symbol of quality, innovation, quality goods (Kotler, P., 2009).This ensures that Starbucks has been one of the most recognized brands in the international market and people do associate themselves to it. In South Florida, Starbucks has more than 50 stores which make it a necessity in every mall, subways and urban areas. The sales in this part of the country are also quite profitable.


The value offered by Starbucks at South Florida and all other parts is perceived as a premium and supreme quality. Starbucks products are health conscious and nutrition products which offer value for money. Although Starbucks is an expensive brand but the quality of food, drinks it offers is considered as optimum price and ................

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