Developing Nurse Practioners at the College of St. Catherine Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Margaret McLaughlin has just started her new appointment as dean of medical staff at the college of St. Catherine in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. As the leader of the formation, its charge is to promote health Minnesota workforce for the future. She approached members of her care teachers who want her to consider developing their own nurse-practitioner run clinic. Typically, the clinic was started and led by a physician. Faculty suggested four options kind clinic they could work, and McLaughlin should advise them on a course of action. Teaching Purpose: Students select the type of nurse practitioner clinics, which would be most suitable for the College of St. Catherine. The analysis will begin with a study of the context in which the College of Management, and will discuss the criteria that should be used when making this decision. They will consider the move "up-market" for nurse practitioners over time, as they take on more responsibility in nature similar to those of a physician. In particular, students will discuss how the work of nurse practitioners has changed over time, and the rules, technological innovation, the needs of patients and infrastructure developments that have contributed to these changes. Finally, students will argue that it would make sense to start their own clinic. They will choose one of four options on what to look for a clinic that it will serve and how it will be organized. "Hide
by Clayton M. Christensen, Sarah Thorpe Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: August 15, 2000. Prod. #: +601039- PDF-ENG

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Developing Nurse Practioners at the College of St. Catherine

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