Shanduka Black Umbrellas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The research has been undertaken in order to know how Shanduka Black Umbrellas have put their relentless efforts in making the local business more developed and renowned. The company has been going alone and has helped international leadership practitioners so that they could become a powerful and corporative organization ahead.

Black Umbrella has been building a brand that has been recognized for the purpose of empathizing the needs and requirements of corporate Zimbabwe. The company has been providing aid and support to the structures of the small and medium sized enterprises SMEs (Umbrellas, 2017).

The Blacks or African-American businesses were deemed to be considered for failure in their early stages as the support was low from the government institutions. The company contemplated this and provided support to these operations. This was the opportunity that provided the organization to expand its operations in the international market, thus, capturing it and making a name for Black Umbrella.

For this purpose, the company incorporated and collaborated with the partners of Zimbabwe in order to provide the crucial and utmost services to the entrepreneurs and if this expansion becomes successful, the company must consider other neighboring countries such as Namibia and Botswana.

Shanduka Black Umbrellas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The small and medium sized businesses have been striving to search for opportunities and trying to locate those opportunities which then, with the collaboration of the Shanduka Black Umbrella, would become possible for SMEs.

The tiered intervention seems to be the success fundamental of themodel where the clients and applicants of the new market would be able to bolster and change their business through successive and continual activation levels. The activation of the program begins with the phase of pre-incubation, which lasts for 3 months, later on, it might be followed by full incubation, which last for 3 years.

Black Umbrella tends to be recognized as a catalyst in the growth and development of entrepreneurship and business skills in the South African Market.

It has been anticipated that only 20 percent of the local business has survived in the earlier years. The one of the ways to combat this could be a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) program because the empowerment of the economy has confined the small businesses and in order to advance and improve the economy, it is needed to create job opportunities whichcould only be possible through the support of SMEs.

The overall long term objective or strategy of the Shanduka Black Umbrellas could be to;

  • Commence approximately 5 incubators in the market of Zimbabwe.
  • Provide utmost support to the SMEs for amaximum of three years.
  • Make sure that fifty percent of the SMEs who have joined Shanduka Black Umbrellas must become sustainable in the periodthe three years.
  • Support of the SMEs who would generate turnover of approximately R1.5 billion and would create employment opportunities over a period of 5 years so that the company would be able to analyze its growth in the international markets.

The national reach is used by the SBU model in order to make the clients able to get maximum assistance from the guided mentorship so the clients could receive the transfer of the business knowledge, skills and network linkages..............

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