Peter Browning and Continental White Cap (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Gifts entry of new departments as Vice President of the established and so far successful manufacturing organization who, though facing the upcoming competitive crisis. Demonstrates its objectives and its efforts, under the pressure of corporate headquarters to convince his colleagues that the crisis is real and to make changes in family organization culture and practices, in order to better position them to face the onslaught of price wars and new technologies. Concludes with some difficult choices in front of the new Vice-President, as he considers whether to replace some of the key but difficult executives, and what strategy to adopt in their dealings with the pension, but still visible descendant of the founder of the firm. "Hide
by Todd D. Jick, Mary Gentile Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 8 pages. Publication Date: March 12, 1986. Prod. #: 486090-PDF-ENG

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Peter Browning and Continental White Cap (A)

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