Good Capital and Better World Books (A): Better World for Investing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The aim of this case is, to present the topic from socially of responsible investing from both of investor and investment object prospects. Of students will walk from the hotel with understanding the addition, on 1) volume, how to estimate the portfolio company on the social / ecological mission and on traditional of financial criteria,,, and 2) the fact that considerations of have to be the upper part of mind for social enterprise reviews shall take of investments into the share capital. Wes Selke represents a a portfolio manager by at Good Capital, investment fund are created to will increase the flow of capital to innovative nonprofit and for-profit of social enterprises that would using the prevailing market-solutions, based on to solve the problems out of poverty, illiteracy,, and inequality. In 2007, the, Good Capital is a ready-, to make of its first of investments into the share growth capital into a, for-profit of social the enterprise and Selke is considering the question of the Better World Books as primary target firm. Selke must assess whether or not the firm a network represents a in the financial respect of sound investments and, if its social and environmental missions may be preserved Upon A the liquidation of event. If Good receipts Capital with the investment, Selke should also rework by some of the Current procedures Better World Books', including fine-tuning the philanthropical giving strategy, which is the main component out of his social mission. «Hide
on Jamie Jones, Jennifer Yee, Wes Selke Source: Kellogg School of management, the North-Western Univ. 14 pages. Date of publication on the site: 10 Oct, 2010. Prod. #: KEL526-PDF-ENG

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Good Capital and Better World Books (A): Better World for Investing

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