Judo in Action Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Contains four short stories about small firms challenging majors. Illustrates some of the ideas that have been called "judo strategy." In any case, it can be argued that a small company trying to use the size of a large firm and positions to limit the large firm and provide an opportunity for a small company. Four vignettes are: (1) Softsoap liquid soap market pioneer with little competition, at least initially, from the current soap makers, (2) Red Bull creates and dominates the market for energy drink with a little early competition from existing companies beverage; ( 3) The UK supermarket chains are trying to enter the retail gasoline market, but cause an aggressive reaction rate of the integrated majors, and (4) Freeserve is making great strides in the UK market against the dominant current provider AOL. Each entry shows the ideas considered "judo strategy" - a situation in which smaller competitors use the size and number of larger firms to find opportunities to make inroads against a large firm without effective retaliation or defense (as well as some authors claim, a small A person can throw a big man with judo, using more weight and inertia of the person against him). "Hide
by Kenneth Corts, Debbie Fryer Source: Harvard Business School 7 pages. Publication Date: June 9, 2003. Prod. #: 703454-PDF-ENG

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Judo in Action

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