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The new flying school is a tuition free private, non-sectarian, co-educational, nonprofit school for children age d4 to 18. The school is located in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The main purpose of opening this school is to provide better educational service to the students and improves its skill and efficiencies.

The new flying school is a newly formed organization, which comprises of 25 partners. Each partner has equal share in the school profit and loss. We at new flying School are dedicated to provide our students the most prompt, courteous and friendly environment. The school is the formation of an effective machine, management of effective executives and administration of an effective direction. The administration defines the goals, scopes and objectives of the organizations, which the management needs to follow in order to achieve the maximum output of the services.


 Project name:Construction of school with the name of new flying school at San Paulo, Brazil

Project manager: Sam Disuse

Contractor: Apex building company

Tender: Alex group of company

Date: March, 2016


The scope of our new flying schools is vast.  It also provides close collaboration and sense of sharing responsibilities, prearranged principle and dynamic approach.

Educational institutions play a vital role in the life of human being. Such institutions promote the standards of students. The role of our school is to bring efficiency, provide directions to the students regarding their studies, motivate the students to get benefits from learning, and effective development of human quality. The overall objective of schools is to provide valuable service to the students which would help them in their future careers. A proper channel is needed to be planned for achieving the goals mentioned at initial stage. However, this channel would broaden the aspects of achieving the targeted goal. Through a “what” analysis such channel will formulate. Every task would be assigned to the particular stage of the scheme for planting the school. These practices will speculate other procedures clearly.


The aim and objective of the new flying school is to provide valuable educational services to the students,which promotes personal development and leaning for life, promote high accomplishment by working with children to make them highly motivated and lifelong partners as well as to go forward and gain self-confidence in technical skills.

We believe that the students can achieve success through experiencing a secure, caring, and stimulating learning environment. The key approach of the organization is that we display our commitment to work as a learning community by respecting the individuals and providing them encouraging and friendly environment, which promotes its learning capabilities and skills and also provides them pride to do the work effectively and efficiently. Moreover, we also encourage students’ creativity and enthusiasm, which will help each student to become a responsible member of the society.


In businesses like school, each department is a key component of the organization. The owner has to keep an eye at all departments. Every employee in the school wears a hat and this is the reason the strategies of project management need to be built and be monitored after execution.

There are some strategies that work for managing the project of school and its business environment................

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