Health Promotion Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Overall Goal:

The main aim is to provide for the nation’s women of Manitoba to reach complete physical health along with social and mental well-being by identification and realization of desires, satisfaction of the needs with respect to environmental changes.

Objectives & Anticipated Outcomes:

By expanding access and utilization of comprehensive approaches, a Health Promotion Plan needs to beestablishedfor Gestational Diabetes among the women of Manitoba, Canada. Following are the main anticipated outcomes: It will reduce the ratio of gestational diabetes among the women of Manitoba by means of awareness about the risks and health inequities ratio will be minimized by improving health status. Ultimately, this will reduce the overall cost of the healthcare system and a supportive environment will be developed.

Specific Approaches:

Intervention Theory:

With respect to any social policies and studies related to social surveys, the intervention theory is the key element for the analysis of problems and their decision makings just to get most of the required, yet secure and desired consequences. This theory mainly abides the queries about when to intervene something accurately and when not necessary. The effectiveness of various kinds of interventions are also examined by this theory. There is a wide range of social as well as medical practices that are being evaluated and estimated via this theory, which further includes, children protection, health care and security issues and law enforcement. Health intervention is an effort which is used to promote the behaviors of good health by preventing bad health issues.

Health Promotion Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Stages of Intervention Theory  Development Description
1.     Needs Assessment



2.     Determinants of the specific behavior


3.     Objectives of intervention


4.     Techniques of behavioral changes


5.     Practical plan development&Outcomes of interventions- Report

The targeted community, i.e. Manitoba’s first nation women. And the purpose of this evaluation and promotion is too aware the women about their health status and future goals.

Lack of education and knowledge and very backward lifestyle is the core cause while early marriages is also considerable.


The Canadian government has made many reforms to sort this epidemic and are successful too in getting the targeted mission.

To help attain the intervention objectives, it must be needed to work under specific techniques, i.e. it must be needed to educate the women about the health care issues and the basic of maternal care plans so in future there would be less chances for the recurrence of Diabetes Mellitus
This must be ensured that the accessibility to common population is possible. By arranging different seminars and pamphlets distribution door-to-door it would be possible to execute the plan of development by minimizing the disease outbreak.


Short & Long-Term Goals &Objectives:

As it was already mentioned that the main subject that has to be addressed in this study is a community, i.e. first nation’s women of Manitoba, respectively & the first nations mean, the Métis and Inuit Women (Indian of North America).

The epidemics and promotion plan for gestational diabetes would have to be the main target in the mentioned community of Manitoba.................

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