Sg Cowen: New Recruits Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Answer 1:

The major dimensions of the SG Cowen’s recruitment process include the candidate selection which is done from the last 15 business schools of the listed top 25 schools. However, the company is a bit flexible in this approach as it entertains resumes from non-core schools as well. Furthermore, the teams are made in the schools which are headed by the alumni from that school who lead the team. Nonetheless, the hiring process is done in three stages that is the core of the company’s recruitment process. The first process is the informational interviews in order to provide the candidates with an opportunity gauge in seriousness and to evaluate the enthusiasm of the candidates. Moreover, another objective of this process is to provide the candidates a fair chance to get aware of the industry and the company as well.

The second process is the on-campus rounds in which the associates both the senior and the first level associates engage themselves in conducting interviews. In this process the associates identify 245 potential candidates who, after a series of interviews shortlisted for super-Saturday. Only 3-4 candidates are invited for super Saturday which the last process of the recruitment process of the company. On Super Saturday the senior employees of the company get involved and interview the candidates. A candidate must have to face a round of interviews almost 5 that last for half an hour each and after these five interviews the final decision is made.

Answer 2:

The hiring criterion of the company is quite stable and as the hiring process is complete the decision is made on the bases of some important parameters that are defined by the company. The company evaluates the candidate on its commitment to the firm and analyzes its judgment skills and level of maturity. Furthermore, the interpersonal skills owe a major value in the decision criteria as the interviewer assesses the communication skills of the candidate and the impact that has been drawn from his/her presence.

On the other hand, the leadership abilities of the candidate are also assessed in which the level of motivation and the ability to take initiative are analyzed. Furthermore, as the firm is an investment banking firm therefore the presence of technical skills like accounting, modeling, financing, creating etc is given priority. Lastly, work ethic holds a vital importance in the decision criteria for the selection of the candidates.

Answer 3:

The four candidates that are short listed by the company possess different abilities and skills. However, the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate are described below.

Natalya Godlewska

The major strengths of Natalya include her GPA, which is the highest in the finance department and is essential for the firm as the firm requires strength in financial skills. Besides that she has the ability to speak multiple languages that can be useful in handling clients. Her background in finance is quite strong which is a major strength and vital for the firm as well. It has been observed during the selection process that she is quite committed and hardworking and her previous work experience is also quite strong. On the other hand, she also possesses a strong reference that can be regarded as one of her major strengths.......................

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