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Food rights movement industry:

Product name genetically modified crop (GM crop) which is a part of genetically modified organism (GMOs). A genetically modified organism is the organism whose genetic material can be altered by using genetic techniques of engineering. In other words, genetically modified organism is an animal or a plant that is altered genetically by the scientist to improve its ability in order to grow in non-native environments, produce more food (meat, milk, crops) and tolerate extreme weather conditions. It is a new version of plant and animal food, which created by the scientist through genetic re-engineering techniques.

1)    Genetically Modified Crops:

Genetically modified crops are plants that are used in agriculture and the DNA of which has been modified using various techniques. Genetically modified crops are useful for farmers, customers and environment. Crops having improved characteristic provide the humans and animals protection against many diseases. All organisms have genetic material when scientists alter them; these are called genetic modification. Plants, fish, insects, and mammals are the organisms that are included in genetically modified organism.

The GM crops are commonly used for crop plants through the latest molecular biology techniques that are created for animals and human consumption. These plants are modified to improve the nutritional content and to increase the resistance of herbicides.

Genetically modified crops (GM crops) are widely used in scientific research. They are used to increase the yields of meat, eggs and milk, enhance the quality and taste of the food, and improve the food security as well as provide the medical benefits to the growing population of the world. Every area of food production genetic modification has expanded which includes the medication in the genes of dairy products, animals and crops.

There are some disadvantages of genetically modified organisms (GM crop), which include several types of health effects and less nutrient vale than the organic foods.

2). Objective/Mission:

Objectives of the business plan are:

ü  To develop sustainable business strategy that ensures food security and quality of the food. Create the awareness among the people related to the advantages and risks of the genetically modified crops.

ü  Provide genetically modified crops that benefit the farmer such as insect resistance, herbicide and a biotic-stress tolerance. GM crops from which consumers and processors get benefits such as longer-harvest life and nutrient enhancement.

ü  Usage GM crops to produce agricultural and industrial products such as higher starch composition, fiber content and bio-fuels.

3)    Target market and customers:

The target market of the product is the niche market which includes farmer as well as customer who are vegetarian and health conscious.

4)    Operations:

The process of genetically modified crops includes:

Technological development:

Technological development includes gene technological search for genetically modified crops.


Breeding includes variety of commercialization and field trail of multiple locations for the basic foundation of seed. It also includes breeding of seeds in nurseries.

On-farm production:

On-farm production involves on-farm seed purchase, sowing of seeds on-farm, crop management      and on-farm harvesting of seeds.

Accumulation & Storage:

Accumulation & storage includes storage and consolidation of the genetically modified crop seeds.

Marketing and exporting:

Marketing and exporting of genetically modified crop grains.

End product manufacture:

End product manufacture involves the processing and manufacturing of the crops. It also includes the packaging and retailing of the genetically modified crops.


Final stage of process involves the delivery of final product to the consumers.

Advantages Of Genetically Modified Crops. :

  • Quicker growing time.
  • Higher yield crop.
  • Cheaper and more efficient.
  • Rich in nutrients........................

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