Abb And Caterpillar (C): Traction Motors Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1854 © 2007
Vollmann, Thomas E.; Winter, Nie; Inna, Francis

This case series explores the dilemma faced by the key account manager appointed to manage one of the company’s leading accounts; but one that's just about to walk out the door. The cases demonstrate attempts to turn the situation around; including improved knowledge of the client’s business and industry; cross-company team building; along with a government process for constant development. Learning objective: The learning objective will be to demonstrate how key account management may be the most productive strategy to increase gains and sales: sell more to existing customers.

This necessitates well organized and occasionally challenging activities from the business units and departments. The case emphasizes the requirement for the whole team; and not just the key account supervisor; to invest time in building relationships with the client and become more customer-centric. There are several interesting problems as to who should make decisions; have power; and where the P&L should live.

Subjects: Key account management; Intrapreneurship; Client relationship management; Customer satisfaction; Cross-company team building
Settings: Switzerland; Germany; USA; Engineering; 2005 Revenues: US$20.7 billion; 2006-2007

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