Sand Hill Angels Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sand Hill Angels Case Study Solution

Risks and Opportunities of each deal

The deals which have been taken into consideration by the team of SHA members consist of total four deals based on pitches. All the deals have to pass the selection criteria decided by the company.

Risks and opportunities of Pics Collage pitch:


Risks of the Pic Collage pitch deal were evaluated by looking at the available information, which included the risk of lack of acceptability as the concept was not for businesses and it was just for the applications.

Another risk of this deal was lack of involvement as keen interest was not shown in this deal by the other members and only members which were involved in the deal were Chiu and Ng.

A third risk of availing this deal is to hire an expert who can predict and manage the requirements of cash flows for a start-up business. The person should have expertise and certain knowledge to predict whether this deal will be beneficial for the company or not.


The company can avail the following opportunities by accepting this deal such as this deal will lead the company to build a strong relationship and learning experience from the productive and talented team.

Another opportunity which the company can avail is to position the product for providing the acceptance as a business, generate profits and returns from the deal within few years so that it may exit from this deal successfully after generating enough returns.

This will lead to getting a chance to work with experienced people who have already worked with multinational companies and it will be a great opportunity for the company and its members.

Sand Hill Angels Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Risks and opportunities of Liftopia Pitch:

The company is facing the risk of variation in snow and weather, which may vary the costs, but the company is charging the fix price for ski lift tickets, which is a risk for the company. Another risk which the company faced is the high competitive rivalry if it had entered the market as the first mover.

However, the opportunities were higher for the company because the company was growing rapidly and it had the opportunity to enhance its report partners by expanding their network. They also had an opportunity to charge prices based on quality.

They had an opportunity to go for the geographic expansion strategy by targeting the mass market of US and Europe. They can also expand with product development in the form of intruding their services on mobile applications and social media, which will come under the umbrella of limited capital.

Risks and opportunities of Monkey Contact:

Monkey Contact Company has the major risk of just a vague idea without the transformation into the successful business model which was altered into a well-developed sidebar with the name Smart Networking.The company is also facing the risks of technical challenges which are making it difficult for its users by pop-up blockers, multiple browser requirements and filters of privacy. Moreover, another risk which this deal faced was the lack of acceptability by the other members of SHA.................

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