San Francisco International Airport Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Question 1: What will be the impact of the adoption of the new system?

Explanation: The impact of the adoption of the new technology or system will help the operations of the airport and the airport will make a secure entry and exit of the staff and employees of the airport.

Question 2: How will the system make the operations secure?

Explanation: The system will be more sophisticated and secure, which would enable the management to make more compliant and robust, it also offers a comprehensive solution.

Question 3:What will be the cost of the change in operations?

Explanation: The cost will be saved in the future years, however the cost of implementing the new system in the current year to make the airport terminal 2 operational will be $250,000, which is the cost of purchasing the software.

Question 4: Will the airport be able to make a handsome return on the investment?

Explanation: The airport will be able to make a handsome return as the cost of labor will be saved and the time taken by the labor will also be reduced to a good level. The ultimate change will be helpful in the future years as the saving will increase in the future years.

Question 5: Can the old system and the new system be operational at the same time?

Explanation: The system is a high tech system, which will be operational at the terminal 2 of the airport while the operations at the airport will be carried on the older system. However,both systems will be running at the same time.

Question 6: Will the new system compliment the older system or it will replace the older system?

Explanation: It is predicted that the older system will be replaced by the new system as the new system is cost effective therefore,it will save a lot of money for the airport and the security systems will be upgraded by the use of the new system.


H1: The management will save its costs and increase its savings with the implementation of SAFE software.

Testing: The implementation of SAFE software will help the airport save labor cost and increase the savings in the following years as the time of processing the data will be reduced to a significant level and the impact of this will come on the wages of labor. The labor working hours will be reduced which will increase the efficiency of the airport..................................

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