Quick Response in the Apparel Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It has been estimated that the clothes of American industrial waste over $ 25 billion a year due to inefficient practices, long-term, as well as the lack of coordination between trading partners. In response to intense competition from offshore producers, the industry has started efforts to reduce these losses and restore competitiveness. This note provides background information on the garment industry in the U.S. and describes the concept of "rapid response" strategy, which increases the competitiveness of domestic producers by increasing their ability to respond quickly to market changes. Describes the changes in technology, information systems and channels of communication that are necessary for the implementation of the rapid response system. "Hide
by Janice H. Hammond, Maura Kelly, 19 pages. Publication Date: February 27, 1990. Prod. #: 690038-PDF-ENG

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Quick Response in the Apparel Industry

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