The Curious Case of Dell (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is a two-part case that analyzes the events, which resulted in CEO Michael Dell’s determination to bring his business private in 2013.

The cases also address the adequacy of public disclosure about big businesses that are complex, significant policy questions about the incentives and functions of various participants, and the issues board face in managing reversions and exits of big complex enterprises.

Learning Objective: This case describes a management-led buyout of a publicly traded technology company seeking to turn itself around as a public company – and to go private as it did so. Issues raised relate to global technology sector dynamics, turnaround management, financial and capital markets, corporate finance and valuation, contests for corporate control ran through corporate and media channels, M&A, PE, shareholder activism, board duties, and related corporate and securities law issues.

Publication Date: 03/06/2014

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Finance

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The Curious Case of Dell (B)

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