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In the highly competitive information technology outsourcing business, Cognizant Technology Solutions has developed a strategy to differentiate itself by emphasizing building very close client relationships through its "Two-in-a-carton" (TIB) model. This model is based on having complete obligation is shared by two individuals for the client. In the U.S. or Europe, the "onsite" individual, along with his or her relationship management team, is responsible for understanding the customer's needs, obtaining endeavors and properly scoping out the work. The "offshore" man in India or elsewhere, along with their delivery team, is responsible for completing the project in a high quality and timely way. The exact same top- and bottom-line metrics are used to appraise the operation of both the onsite and offshore managers.

This approach (as divergent to ones based on things like low cost and innovation used by Cognizant's opponents) is meant to construct deep and powerful client relationships which will maximize Cognizant's "share of wallet." One fascinating facet of TIB is Cognizant Business Consulting, a 1,700 -person group which counsels customers in the framework of aiding them develop IT solution for their business confrontations. More freshly, and as the next development of the TIB model, Cognizant is developing what it calls "Cognizant 2.0" or C2. C2 is a delivery podium based on Web 2.0 technology that facilitate Cognizant to subdivide work into jobs that can be allocated wherever in the world the best resources within Cognizant exist based on cost, expertise and availability while at the same time keeping cooperation and integration to ensure timely and high quality delivery.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 17, 2008 PRODUCT #: 412S33-HCB-SPA

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Cognizant Technology Solutions, Spanish Version

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