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Samarco production of iron ore pellets used to make steel. In 2003, the company had a 17% share of the global market for the product. At that time it was 1286 employees divided between its offices in Germano, in the state of Minas Gerais, and the Ponta de Ubu, in the state of Esp Rito Santo.The two units were connected ore pipeline 396 km long, with a maximum capacity of 15.5 million . tons. The company's mission was "to be a Brazilian supplier of high-quality iron for the global steel industry, creating value for all stakeholders." In accordance with this guidance, between 1997 and 2003, Samarco is coordinated and funded by Bento Rodrigues popular environmental education program. Goal was, to promote the development of the community living in Bento Rodrigues, getting people's commitment to identify community problems and find solutions that would increase the local development. Despite coverage results, after the direct intervention undertaken by the company, the reduction of public participation is seen, along with breaking operations began. in 2003 to build a second pipeline ore provided, Samarco with a new opportunity to interact with the community. His previous experience with Bento Rodrigues popular environmental education program has caused environmental manager to offer new social concept of the project for the company, a socially responsible Communication and education program - PROECOS. This program, which will be implemented in partnership with GAIA (Group interdisciplinary applications of learning) have broad objectives: to improve the image of the company, involve communities in the preparation of sustainable social and environmental projects, and a network of partners to meet local requirements and proceeding with the development of the action after the company's participation in the program.
For other managers, however, a more low-tech projects have achieved more satisfactory results, and would be more in line with the business strategy of the company. So why not continue to pursue projects already tested than the rates on such a vast and complicated? These fierce internal debate ended dilemma, or there is no way of operating and social needs to be changed. "Hide
by Rosa Maria Fischer, Paulo Ferreira Da Rocha Wrestling, Luciana Rocha de Mendoza, Monica Bose, Elidia Maria Novaes Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 24 pages. Publication Date: April 8, 2011. Prod. #: SKE139-PDF-ENG

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Samarco: the role of businesses in empowering people

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