Dynatrol Corp.: Andover Assembly Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

While struggling with glitches in the design and operation of its production system, Andover Assembly should also launch a new line of products to meet the sensor ultimatums from disappointment vice presidents Signatron. The financial results of the division did not meet the expectations of corporate and plant manager Jan Havel was sent to turn around the operations of the plant to 2 (6 - and 12-month) period. To turn dissatisfied customers into cooperating clients division Andover faced with reaching almost 100% OnTime delivery performance in a few weeks. The introduction of a new product line, which requires the same resources, exacerbates the team. "Hide
by H. Kent Bowen, Janice H. Hammond, Ramchandran Jaikumar Source: Harvard Business School 15 pages. Publication Date: October 15, 2002. Prod. #: 603050-PDF-ENG

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Dynatrol Corp.: Andover Assembly Division

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