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Managing Operations

The Glass was unveiled in 2012, when the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin wore in a blindness fighting event. The particular strategy was deliberately applied by the company and the product was revealed as a prototype. A prototype was revealed to observe the public opinions from all around the world because a new technology was on its way with a problem of social acceptance. The views that were collected from around the world helped Google to respond the international privacy officials.

Sue Molinari, the Vice President for Google from its public policy department replied to some of the claims issued by International Privacy Officials. Through studying an overall situation, Google has denied that it would not change its privacy policy for the Google glass product. This made the US government privacy panel with a hint of disarray which allowed them to respond that the questions have left unanswered. However, Google did mention in its four page report that it is experimenting with the different locks which would answer the questions of the device that has been raised. In considering the event of the claims on Google Glass products, the company also made possible to come up with the benefits of the products that could allow different people to understand its various purposes. Understanding the benefits would allow people around the world to terminate the social and ethical issues that has been triggered for the Glass product.

Steering New Policy at Hospitals

The patients movement and behavior can closely be monitored through the use of wearing glass but only with the permission of patients and along in their presence. The Glass could also be used to store medical and patients data information on insurance for a particular medical record. However, this strategy varies amongst different medical centers as they have their own privacy issues and policies to implement. However, Mayo Clinic’s Chief officer has made statements that the medical centers have not developed strategies on making amendments in its privacy policies. However, it could consider when Google made special proposes. Google Glass has yet to target the non-profit organizations, but its focus remains in making people understand the uses of Google Glass.

Google Glass has been found very much productive for surgeons and physicians as the optical device is easy to conduct surgery and it allows in quick accessing of medical information on patient. Doctors believe that the Google Glass product is a major breakthrough in telemedicine as it allows vital information to quick access which includes patients history, medical records, and to decipher which medications were safe in providing to a patient. The Google can also work as a telemedicine carts which are used to take videos of a patient while in surgery. By wearing the Google Glass technology, a surgeon can easily monitor the entire surgery process because then the surgeon would be actually wearing a camera to manage success surgery.

Many studies have also indicate that the use of tele-ICU’s are expensive and the usage of those machines does not help medical centers to achieve cost effective results. Therefore, most medical centers fail to deliver a feasible financial return on investment. The use of Glass is much cheaper and poses one-time cost in carrying out all the functions of tele-ICU’s with little capital investment. Many medical professors have insisted that Glass products can aid major positive changes in the medical field as it can also provide eyesight application which can become a major difference between life and death (Garvin, 2014).

Easing Fears with Education

Google has explained its Glass product that has minimal difference between the Smartphone products. Both of these products can take pictures and record the videos of individuals. Similarly, the two of the products can easily share the video on social media websites using Google services. The minor difference between the two products include that the people does not know when the Glass is recording and individual which makes it the center of attention. In order to make videos or take snaps using a smartphone, an individual has to hold the devise up high in the direction of the subject. However, Google Glass products are normally stuck on user’s eyes and is always pointed towards a subject which makes the subject uneasy.

Some people have misconception that the product continuously record videos and considers the devise does not have much limitations. However, Susan Molinari explains that the battery of the product can easily be killed in an hour when the video mode is constantly recording videos. However, an external view of the product does not show that the product is videotaping a subject and Google is working to make changes in the technology, but the people standing at close proximity of Google Glass wearer can view the lights of Glass and can tell whether the device is still running..................................

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