Disney’s “The Lion King” (A): The $2 Billion Movie Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Disney's "The Lion King" (A): The $2 Billion Movie Case Solution

In 1994, only 10 years after its filmed entertainment lost the amount $33 million, Lion King became the second highest grossing movie ever. Along with drawing $740 million in global box office sales, its products sales surpassed $1.5 billion.
This case describes the CEO of Disney’s strategy in making the movie entertainment department, the making of "The Lion King," and the layout and performance of a mini-Lion King retail business. Alongside the film's accomplishments, Disney was experiencing internal turmoil.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about   TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

PUBLICATION DATE: August 17, 1998


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Disney’s “The Lion King” (A): The $2 Billion Movie

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