Russian Magazine Project 2018-19 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Russian Magazine Project 2018-19 Case Study Solution

Russia’s Development and Political Culture

Russia GDP Growth over last five years

Normative statement: By comparing GDP to the last year performance, it is to state that the country should increase the employment rate, this can be done by avoiding to lay off workers for the purpose of reducing cost. By doing so, the country’s economy will not fall into recession thereby the economy will progress.


Gini Index

The Gini index measure the inequality within a country by ranking between extremes. It is noteworthy that Russia ranked on 57 having a Gini Index rating of 41.2 indicating the lower wealth inequality.

Normative statement: Russia should increasing the minimum wage of employees, expanding the earned income tax, investing in education of individual and building assets for the working families.

Human Development Index (HDI)

It is a composite index of per capita income, education and life expectancy indicators mainly used for ranking countries. The ranking of Russia according to HDI for the period of years are provided below;


Normative statement: even though, HDI of Russia have been increasing with the passage of time, it should further preserve the material well-being, education and health.

Corruption Index

YearsCorruption Index Ranking

In 2017, the perceived corruption level of Russia had 29 points out of 100 points that has been reported by transparency international. The phenomenon of corruption in Russia have been greatly attributed to the general weaknesses of rule law (Transparency International, 2018).

Normative Statement: The country should ensure the effective enforcement of law being supported by strong legal framework, effective & independent court system.

Freedom House Rating

Freedom Rating6.5 out of 7
Civil Liberties6 out of 7
Political Rights7 out of 7

In Russia the power in the authoritarian system of politics have been concentrating in the hands of the Vladimir Putin. With subservient judiciary, loyalist security forces, legislature comprising pliable opposition group and ruling party and controlled environment of media, the Kremblin is able to inhibit genuine opposition and manipulate elections. The rampant corruption of country is one of the notable threat to power of state, since it facilitates shifting links amongst organized crime and bureaucrats groups.

Normative statement: Power in authoritarian political system in Russia should concentrate the provision of rights to citizen to gather without weapons and peacefully and to hold rallies, marches, meeting, pickets and demonstrations

OP/ED section

Lack of Interest Groups

Lack of interest group would not lead to attain public status, thus they would not be participating in national policy making and decision making. Additionally, state would not be able to incorporate the strong opinion and beliefs of interest group into the ruling mechanism. In short, it would lead to autocracy system in which the decision would not be subjected to the regularized mechanism control and external legal restraints.

Lack of Freedom of the Press

A lack of freedom of press might prevent the public from participating in decision making on the basis of the free flow of ideas and information. Due to the lack of freedom of press, the citizens might be cutting off from the valuable knowledge, thus preventing them to make informed decisions, also the media would be controlled by such state pursuing illiberal democracy. A lack of freedom of press shapes the democratic state.

 Authoritarian Traditions

Authoritarian tradition regimes elucidates the ruling authority is being maintained in power through combining appeals of patron-client ties and traditional legitimacy and repression tends to be carried by a system bound to the single person authority through personal loyalties. As such, holding power not supposed to be restricted to the democratic ideas and norms including justice, equality and democratic accountability. However, it is to notify that violently repressive authoritarian or a government could be legitimated given that the people of state believing it to be so.


The changes in the pension system of Russia have sharply impacted the leader’s approval rating. The approval rating of president have reduced by nearly 15%. Vladimir Putin have increased the retirement age from 55 years to 60 years for women and from 60 to 65 years for men, this has sparked the anger amongst people because the life expectancy for men is only 67 years which has shorten the time period of providing pension fund to retiree (Reid, 2018).

Thus, it is recommended that the government should interact with people highlighting the possibility of increasing poverty, thus economic slowdown in case of not adapting the retirement plan, Putin should attain the public attention and support as they are the ultimate source of power, and this can be done by annual increases that would most likely raise the level of pension by significant margin. Also, Putin should increase the cost of living adjustment applied on benefits, salaries and wages, also it should offer social benefits on the verge of retirement to public in order to get their support...........


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