Domestic Violence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Domestic Violence Case Solution

1.     Role of Family Preservation Worker:

The case is about Amy McGee who was working in home store; her husband was responsible for driving an armed truck that picked up money from the shop. The case highlights the domestic violence and how the society and judiciary could play its part.  Her husband was a violent man; he used to look an eye over his wife. He was cautious for her wife. He used to call her at the workplace to make sure that she is not working alone with other male co-workers. He used to beat her brutally.  Amy’s parents asked police help for the protection of her daughter. Therefore, I as the protection officer for Amy and her Child has realized that Amy McGee needs to have strong support from society and judiciary in order to protect herself and kid. As a protection officer, I developed prevention and intervention strategies that could identify the issues to protect Amy and her child. My role is to provide facilitation of community workshop that could address and aware the increasing family and individual community, and with a focus to respecting each other perspective and therefore; to prevent a child from the impacts of the harmful home environment.

2.     Concerns regarding Case:

According to my Observations, it seems like that the Amy’s husband has a problem of psychic.  Wisent was so much curious about her wife, that even at her job timings, he used to keep an eye on her wife. He usually used to abuse her in alcoholic condition. Amy’s coworkers also realized the thing between Amy and her husband.  Her husband used to keep weapons along with him which was also a threat for Amy. But Amy and her family were emotionally quite strong. She has taken a firm step for her protection by filing a case against her husband. However, He used to threat her even after the order of the court that not to contact her. But the co-workers and Amy’s parents were the main strengths for her. They always stand for her and also helped Amy to charge a case against her husband. Amy was so strong that even on her job she hasn’t shown anyone about the violence she was having.

3.      Ethical Interventions:

After analyzing the case, I would suggest that family police and society all are equally responsible for stopping the domestic violence.  The family is considered to be the foundation of society, therefore; it is ethically responsible to access the domestic violence by monitoring and focusing the lives of their loved ones.

It is expected that the family and society both are responsible for monitoring their surroundings and trying to stop the violence. The family members should be provided with the safety measure by the police to tackle any complex situation. The police and society should be responsible for taking care the victim and her family and make sure about their safety.

The police and court should assess the history of abuse and what are the reasons behind some one’s abusive behavior from everyone in the family. They should need to get the information that how does the partner abuse, what tactics is being used and how long has the violence been going on? The police and other law enforcement authorities should also assess the patient’s safety that either is there any threat to victim’s life. It is also important to manage counseling for the victim as well as for the abuser. Conduct interviews from both of them and try to analyze the situation being faced by both of them. Finally, the police and the family of the victim should also make sure that the abuser does not have any weapon that could create a death situation for the victim.  The family of the victim immediately needs to involve the police if they find any mischief in their surroundings. ..................

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