Risk Management Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Breaches in WHS legislation
Under the New South Wales World Health andSafety Act, a person conducting a business has the primary duty to ensure that working environment is reasonably practicable. It means that safety and health of workers are not put at risk from the work they are carrying out.
Following WHS regulations are breached in this case.
• Displaying of safety signs
• Maintaining a register of health and safety plan
• Provision of training, instruction, and supervision to the staff
• Provision and availability of emergency and safety equipment like First Aid Box
• Identifying the risk of hazardous substance
• Monitoring the health of staff for the purpose of preventing serious injury and illness
Above WHS regulations are breached in this case, thereforethecompany does not have any health and safety plan. Human resource department is busy in recruiting the staff to replace who is leaving. It is not providing training to the staff regarding the safety measures in the workplace.
It is mentioned in the case that only two members of the health safety committee have taken the training. This is also the breach of WHS regulations as sufficient training and instructions are not provided to thestaff. Moreover,first aid box and first aiders are not available at the workplace. When staff is injured, they go to local doctors as facility of first aid box is not availablein the workplace.Moreover, new cleaning substance is used for glass shower screens and themanagerscannot identify either that substance is good for the health of staff or is harmful to the health.
Moreover,the management was unable to monitor the health of staff.It seems that they don’t care about the health of staff as rather than finding the root cause of why employees were leaving? they were filling that gap by recruiting new employees. Moreover, 8 staff memberswere having breathing difficulties caused by fumes, 4 staff members had burns to thehand and 2 staff members hadburns to eyes, despite that it seems like thefirm is not interested in finding the root cause of this problem.

Risk Management Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Identify the work hazardswithin workplace
Hazardous substances
Substances that are harmful to our health are used in many workplaces, these substances include liquid, gases, solids and fumes. These substances can affect the body in different ways like inhalation or skin contact can cause damage.
However, in this case, it is mentioned thatnew cleaning substance is causing breathing difficulties for the staff and guests as well.During investigation it is found that the bottles staff isusing are not labelled and supplier has not given any information regarding the use of the substance.
Assessment of risk associated with the hazards
Dangerous substances can cause short and long-term health problems, they can cause serious illnesses that include asthma, cancers, and dermatitis. Other some of the most common risks are allergies, skin disease, poisoning, birth defects. Risk treatment involves four steps:
In thefirststep, we have to identify the work hazards. In the second step, we find out the risks associated with these hazards and understand the nature of the risk that can be caused by that hazard..........

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