THOMAS GREEN Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Thomas Green Case Study Solution

Brief Summary

Thomas Green has been recently promoted to the position of senior market analyst where he is required to work out doors. He has been working on the company Dynamic Display which was established in the year 2007 and deals in providing self-service options to banks such as ATM machines. Ever since Green’s promotion, he is working hard by visiting clients, market specialists and others in New York.

Key Issue

After his promotion to the senior market analyst, he faced conflicts in the workplace. In a budget plan meeting in the year 2008, where his boss had fore casted that the company would double its sales in the upcoming years, Green had disagreed upon his forecast. He even spoke up about his sales forecast that it was impossible to achieve. Frank Davis felt that his authority had been challenged and used all his power in removing Green from the company.

Key Decision Maker

Frank Davis sent various e-mails to the Vice President, Shannon McDonald criticizing Green’s performance and encouraging McDonald to dismiss Green. The key decision maker is Shannon McDonald, the vice president of the company.


There were several alternatives available for McDonald to choose as first he could agree with Frank Davis and dismiss Green from the company. The second option was to arrange a meeting between both Davis and Green in encouraging them to get along with each other and improve their teamwork. The third option would be to encourage Green to change his working style by being more of a team player and improving communication between his boss.

THOMAS GREEN Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


As a decision maker, the best alternative would be to encourage Green to change his working style. Thomas Green had been a remarkable employee who was a hard worker and achieved promotion in just few months. However, he lacked several attributes such as being a good team player, communication with updates and quick feedback. He should be trained and encouraged to improve if he wants to work in this company.


The main key lessons which are learned from the case suggests not to challenge boss authority in front of everyone. Communicating the details and updates about the tasks to the boss is important. It is crucial for the workers to work as a team rather than working individually which would impact the performance of the company.

Discussion Questions

Key Takeaways

Bad attitude and rude behavior would not be tolerated by the colleagues and the boss in an organization. Communication is important for creating trust and loyalty between the workers and boss.

Key Takeaways related to professional lives:

The Key takeaways identified after analyzing the case which would help in our professional lives or careers are:

  • Two-way Communication is one of the most critical factors when working in any organization.
  • Team work is essential for improving the productivity and the performance of the company.
  • Overconfidence and behaving rudely with the colleagues and boss would lead to poor image of that person.................

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