Rubicon Program’s Corporate Strategy, (Video) DVD Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rubicon Program's Corporate Strategy, (Video) DVD Case Solution

In response to the closure of California state psychiatric hospitals, Rubicon Systems was created in 1973 to provide social services for recently deinstitutionalized people afflicted by mental disability. Situated in California’s  Richmond; it is a location of high demand albeit with low employment, Rubicon fast expanded to offer a broad variety of services and programs addressing poverty and homelessness for people with barriers to employment. Besides its two core plans of Integrated Services and Rubicon Housing, Rubicon ran three revenue producing business units that employed clients of it societal programs: Rubicon Homecare Consortium, Rubicon Bakery, and Rubicon Landscaping. While the top management team agreed that the individual components of Rubicon were successful, they wondered whether the societal and economic value created by the whole was more than the sum of the parts.

In addition, it centers on a choice about the best way to handle the home health care department that is fighting. SI-77 v. Other video cases in this series contain SI-14v The Evolution of Interplast, SI-25v Inner motion SI, on the Move - SI, and 69v Circus Oz -72v Social Entrepreneurs: Correcting Market Failures.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Rubicon Program’s Corporate Strategy, (Video) DVD

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