HBO Boxing distribution way Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


            This case focuses on distribution way of boxing match to be held in April 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The match is going to be held between two reputed boxers Martinez with 50 wins, two lost and one draw with Martin Murray, an undefeated boxer from England.

            HBO has two options whether to show this match on cable to their premium customers or on PPV (Per Person View). However if HBO is going to choose any one then it must consider the related costs and revenues.

            Public has a great interest in this make because of both reputed boxers and this match can get higher ratings whether it go for PPV or cable TV network.

The Sport of Boxing:

            There is no central authority of boxing and it has a complex structure related to boxing. The boxing network has fighters, managers, promoters, sanctioning bodies, athletic commissions, and other stakeholders.

            There are four primary awarding sanctioning bodies that have their world titles to professional boxers.These governing bodies provide structure and organization to their sports and best athletes and teams for boxing matches.

            The fights are held for sanctioning title between players and those players are being paid for those matches along with the title to winner of the match. High reputed boxers use to charge a percentage of profits gained from PPV or TV broadcast.

            There are also 17 weight classes along with sanctioning bodies with 68 potential championship title holders. These weightsclass overview is shown in exhibit 1 of the case.

            The ranking are performance based but some of other non performance factors that result in mismatch for those who deserves and receives the title. There are some serious injuries or death during fights at the time when one of the player lack skills and talent for boxing fight. The ranking strategy must be based on real performance term to overcome the problem related to serious injuries and death.


            The most of boxers have come from a poor background for that they used to travel from town to town to earn just $400 per fight. The fighter gets more amounts as if they get an elite position in boxing. The poor fight can have serious impacts on the life of a boxer because it matters as no one knows the person who has lost the game with a big margin. There is a winning player like Mayweather Jr. who has earned $85 million in a shorter passage of time that includes only two bouts.


            Managers are one of the boxing partners who use to schedule bouts for boxing fights to enhance the ability of their boxing players. The fight need to be good as both win loss has importance but performance in the ring can decide the money earnings of those all partners of the match. The right mangers have an efficiency to earn more and this is necessary for a boxer to have a right manager of the industry.


            The promoters are final partners of boxing business as managers are busy while performing his job of business interest and promoters arrange bouts. The promoters arrange specific bouts and pay boxers specific amount per fight. The promoters take guaranty for expenses recoverability and profits for a bout.

            The promoters are not under any fiduciary responsibility to the fighter, but in fact they have their own financial interest related to those fights.


            The analysis is all about selecting any one option in order to broadcasting the boxing match on Television or PPV. For this selection, both the options are analyzed in detail along with boxing industry viewer’s reviews for the selection.


            Television has play a critical role in the success sports industry including boxing. It is the mean where most of the views enjoy the boxing match and no one can become a star if his matches are not telecasted on television.

HBO Boxing distribution way Case Solution

            There are so many tiers that are covered under boxing television coverage. At lowest level the matches are shown on normal cable channels like ESPN2 that use to telecast boxing matches on Friday night fight series.

            HBO has two series related to boxing matches as in first series named boxing after dark night in that it shows fights matches after the Friday night fight level shows. In second series named HBO world championship boxing that use to show elite fights of the boxing stars. These two are available to all HBO subscribers with no additional charges. Show Time uses to show only well-regarded boxers on premium cable for that show time charges more than that only subscription or cable fees.............................

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