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Similarly, the relationship between the sleep and burnout is considered to be a potential causative sleep disturbance mechanism due to chronic energy stores depletion,increased levels of stress in the body and activation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Despite the association of clinical burnout with sleep deprivation some studies had represented improvement in the recovery of burnout by means of sleep extension. (Stewart NH, 2019 )

Cheung V conducted an observational study to determine the sleep deprivation effects in shift workers. This was an observational study in order to examine the impact of sleep deprivation on DNA damage. Therefore, the outcome of the study demonstrated association of sleep deprivation in shift workers associated with adverse consequences of health leading to DNA damage. But, further investigation is needed to determine the methods for reliving and repairing DNA damage due to the sleep deprivation. (Cheung V, 2019 )

The primary reasons of doctors and other staff members at the clinic are associated with risk of fatigue i.e. long hours of working, high workload intensity, increase in the number of consultations of patients’ resulting in decision fatigue, and the effects due to the working shifts on the natural cycle of sleep. (BMA, 2019) Although the regulatory processes of homeostatic and circadian sleep can significantly be altered by the environmental conditions, physical activity and pharmacological agents. (Charles A. Czeisler, 2013)

Despite seven to nine hours of sleep as the recommended daily sleep dose for adults, half of all respondents in the healthcare profession reported not getting 7 hours due to interrupted sleep. (Sciences, 2006)The interrupted sleep leads to the build-up amyloid protein, which is linked to the dis-ease of Alzheimer’s. A theoretical basis for sleep as a restorative measure is found in studies on Alzheimer’s disease. (Shokri-Kojori E, 2018)



This section of the proposal is the comprehensive description of the method applied during the course of research process mainly including collection of data and its analysis.This section is primarily the representation of the participants, research design, procedure and its materials to be used. It involves use of both qualitative and quantitative data.


The participants of this analysis includes researcher, experienced surgeons and fresh surgeons at work at different hospitals. The selection of the surgeons would be based on their working hours, their shifts of working, on-calls and the duration of sleep in a day. Among all the techniques of sampling, Stratified sampling technique would be used. Stratified technique is a sampling method in which the researcher divides the participants in different groups i.e. referred to as strata. After the division of participants, a probability sample is drawn from every group based on different factor such as working hours, duration of sleep and others.


In this study, a qualitative research design is used to significantly support the purpose of study as it allows the researcher for the determination of effective outcomes on the basis of response of experienced and new or junior surgeons at work through feedback.Questionnaire will be used as a 360 degree feedback tool. The research environment will involve surgeons and researcher to get questionnaire filled by the surgeons after their night working hours in the morning.


The surgeons will first be contacted through an email to ask for permission if they would allow the researcher to arrange a meeting with him for the purpose of research study based on the effect of sleep deprivation on their performance. Questionnaire will be online but in addition to this it is important to know about them a lot more.As behavioural responses are known to play an important role in the management of daily activities, therefore, along with questionnaire surgeons would be asked about their daily routines before and after being joining this profession and how has this impacted their life.


In order to evaluate effective results of the study, the materials that would be used will be obtained from secondary sources such as peer-reviewed publications about the previous studies that have been conducted so far. The retrieval of information using these sources would significantly provide with a number of factors that needs to be investigated. Literature review allows the researcher to have an idea what has been done and what needs to be evaluated further based on the outcome of those studies. Therefore, using the literature review, the key factors that had been known to be associated with the sleep deprivation will be considered to determine its effect on the performance of surgeons leading surgical errors i.e. their relationship if they are associated or not.


This section of the study will represent the result of the analysis of the study based on the data collection method and the use of statistical analysis technique.

Type of Data collection:

The stratified selection of participants from the hospitals including the services of experienced professionals based on different factors for the measurement of the effect of sleep deprivation factors on the performance of experienced and junior surgeons.

A qualitative approach with one-on-one, in-depth, semi-structured interviews was used in order to obtain the understanding and knowledge of complex meaning held by contributors and their cultural values, personal experiences, and process of creativity & uniqueness in the healthcare system influencing the quality of treatment provided to patients. Sample of 50 experienced and junior surgeons (n=50) is used to take their views on the impact of lack of sleep on their professional performance. Each interview would take½ to 1 hour. In the start of the interview, all of the participants have requested to fill the questionnaire in order to give the information related to their demography and their substantial life experience that have directed them to the healthcare industry.

The primary research methodology will consist of direct data collection from a targeted audience i.e. experienced and junior surgeons. Online surveys will be sent to them. Other forms of primary research will include interviews with them to know their perception and personal experiences about the long working hours and sudden on-calls……………..


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