TERM PAPER Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

TERM PAPER Case Solution

Introduction to OIT

            The students of the today’s generation are growing up in a world which is not a simple world but rather it has become a digital world. Using the digital devices is a big part of the everyday lives of the students out of their schools, colleges and universities. For instance, just with a single touch of Google, students have access to a wide range of content, information and resources. However, as the experience of the students has become so intrinsic outside of their educational lives, it becomes extremely important for the educational institutions to make Information technology and innovative technologies a core part of their teaching profession.

            However, as the technology is evolving and changing all the time therefore, the needs of the students are also changing with the passage of time. Students and the staff at the schools, colleges and universities need new information systems and other application systems which support their next needs. These programs should also be able to promote organizational learning within the institutions and guide the staff and the entire faculty in rendering their services more efficiently.

            Dr. Lori Temple is the head of the IT department at UNLV.  They also provide leadership in helping faculty, students and staff to utilize innovative technologies that result in genuine benefits to the University.

. They believe in service, integration, innovation, competence and collegiality.So far, the institution has been successful in integrating its information systems with the needs of the students but still there are few challenges faced by the Office of Information Technology which need to be resolved. These are discusses in the next section.


            The CIO at the Office of Information Technology at the University, Dr. Temple has given identified two main challenges which are faced by the organization and both of these problems are challenging and need to be timely addressed. These two problems are defined below:

Problem # 1

            The first problem at the UNLV institution which is faced by the OIT and the students as well is that the students are not aware about a range of services which are freely available for them. These services include services like:

  1. Operational Changes
  2. Introduction of New Services
  3. Feedback for the future work

            Students are not able to give feedback for the future work because there are not aware about the range of the different services which are provided by the institute. Accompanied with this challenge is the problem of student’s engagement. Currently, the students of UNLV institute are not engaged in all those services of the UNLV institute of which they are aware. So now the problem is also to find a solution in order to increase the engagement of the students in all the activities of OIT.

Problem # 2

            There are many services which are currently being provided by the Office of the Information Technology at the UNLV institute and these services include the online training, discounted or free software, WIFI etc. On the other hand, there have been no upgrades and improvements to the current services provided by the UNLV institute. However, if the faculty and head of department goes ahead to introduce certain technological advancements and innovations within the current activities of UNLV institute then this would increase the operational costs of the UNLV institute and also increase their monthly bills.................

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